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As any dedicated disciple to the religion of hair extensions will tell you, whilst you enjoy the awed glances, easy styling and general wow factor of a head of hair that isn't yours; caring for it is like caring for an exotic pet. It requires a lot of attention, time and specialist equipment which can get quite pricey and with no guarantees about what will work it can often be a big game of trial and error. I have looked on-line, and there is very little agreement about the best products to use when caring for Remi hair especially concerning affordable products on the UK market.

For my own hair, I have one packet Style Icon by Sleek  hair extensions weaved in. Having used Dream Girl hair for several years before discovering Style Icon, I have found this brand to be much less prone to breakage, tangling and split ends that were such a consistent problem for me before. All this being said, I still find that without the constantly renewing natural oils your natural hair benefits from all the extensions I have ever had become very dry, and almost coarse to the touch and I have been constantly searching for that miracle product that will help inject some of that natural texture into my adopted hair. This problem is also not helped by my reliance on heat styling, both using a curling wand and GHD’s at high temperatures to set the style longer which along with the use of hairspray, give the hair a very dry feel.

I am going to review three products here which all meet the following criteria: designed to ‘repair’ dry or damaged hair, and retail at under £10.

Mark Hill – Magic Drops Rescue & Repair Treatment

RRP £6.49

Not that Magic...

This offering from celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill is a serum and it specifies on the label that a maximum of three ‘drops’ (1 drop = 1 squirt) should be applied evenly from the mid lengths to the end of your hair when damp to make your hair “smoother, softer and shinier”. The product is quite thick and sticky in your hands, and personally I’d say that three drops doesn't really go a long way on my 18 inch mane and I found I needed at least 10 ‘drops’ to go anywhere near covering  all of the ends. The sticky texture really felt unpleasant on the hair and I found actually after drying, the hair felt drier than it had that classic product ‘greasy’ look. Overall I definitely would not recommend it – for the price the bottle is very small and a little bit does not go a long way. Most importantly I didn't see any difference in the areas it claims to improve.

John Freida Full Repair Deep Conditioner Mask 

RRP £6.29

John Freida Full Repair Deep Conditioner

I am already slightly biased to this product because I am an avid user, and lover of John Freida’s range – they always seem to deliver on their promises so I was hoping this one would be no different. I have previously used his ‘Go Blonder’ and the ‘Full Repair’ shampoo and conditioner and was impressed. This deep conditioner works as a mask, in that you apply to wet hair (liberally I’d say) and leave. The recommended leave in time is 5 minutes before washing out, however I gave it a good 15 because I wanted it to go just that bit deeper! It is really easy to apply, goes on just like a cream and smells really fresh and luxurious like many products you would get treated to in a salon. After using it just once my hair felt softer, less tangled and way more manageable. For the price I feel you get a lot of product, and the great news it is it is often on promotion along with the other John Frieda products so you can snap yourself a bargain! Undeniably another Frieda innovation that delivers on its promise.

Aussie Take the Heat Leave-In Spray 

RRP £4.69

Aussie Take the Heat Serum
Aussie’s offering is a spritzer style spray, and goes onto damp hair as a light mist. The first thing I noticed about this product was the smell, as is the hallmark of the Aussie brand it smelt fantastic – sweet and fresh exactly how you would want your hair to smell. It was also very light which I felt was a plus because it would not cause too much build up or weigh the hair down. It was hard to gauge the effects of the spray because whilst the hair was still damp it did not feel too different except a lot easier to brush… It was only really after drying and straightening you could tell the difference and the appearance of the hair was definitely a lot sleeker and shinier. As a bonus it also helped to hold the style for longer than usual throughout the day. Whilst it didn’t leave the hair with that lasting softness of Freida’s condintioner, it definitely went some way to improving the dry appearance of the hair. It is also the cheapest product of the three, and very easy to use with not much time.

Overall I felt like the only product which really went anyway into long term improvement of my dry extensions was the John Freida mask, subsequently I now use the product weekly and feel it has drastically improved the life of my hair. It was a great excuse to give myself a pamper night, and really makes you feel like you have had a salon treatment on a budget. I still don’t think I’ve found the ultimate regime to tame the ‘beast’ that is my weave, but I have definitely found a key component and I’ll be looking out for the others!

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