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As any student knows, getting glammed up for those frequent nights out does not come cheap and it's not getting easier. Whilst I was working at girl scout camp in America, one of the girls put me on the case for a really affordable brand with great choice - ELF aka Eyes Lips Face (http://eyeslipsface.co.uk). With prices rarely stretching above the £8 mark and they often offer amazing student discounts (all the products featured I got at a whopping 50% off - keep an eye on their twitter page) it seemed like my prayers for affordable beauty had been answered.


IMG_5004 Okay so this is what I have to work with, excuse the hair have been in room tidying mode today. Blank canvas is freckly and interesting (or so I like to think), eyebrows are very weak and messy and slight blemish under my lip. What can we do with this?


This is always a tricky area for me, given that due to a shaving incident when I was younger my growth is very thin and irregular. The first product I used to get them under control was ELF's 'Eyebrow Stencil Kit' (RRP £1.50). In the pack is four plastic stencils that pop apart then four paper ones that do the same. For this look I used the plastic, first using the inside to pluck around to get rid of any hairs that weren't sticking to the program. I then, with the help of ELF's 'Studio Eyebrow Kit' (RRP £3.75) used the outside of the stencil to fill in the shape. The kit is in two parts with a double ended brush, there is a dark creme to act as the base and then a lighter powder to give it a more natural look. I love the end result, it's a lot more darker and 'Cara Delevingne' than I usually wear (partly owing to the medium shade being out of stock, and me opting for darker over lighter) but I really think statement brows are back. The make-up sets really nicely however the stencils can be tricky to use because they are hard to keep in place but with a bit of practice and a steady hand it's achievable.



Seems strange to do it in this order I know but as I find brows the most difficult I sort my skin out afterwards purely so that if I make a mistake with the brows I can just correct it with a face wipe without worrying its going to mess up the rest of the look. The first product I used was ELF's 'Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter' (RRP £3.75). I always suffer from bags under the eye so I applied liberally in their shape, however I found because the concealer was quite thin a little bit went a long way. I also used for the blemish under my lip because at this point its mainly a colour cover up. Afterwards I applied my usual foundation (L'Oreal Lumi-Magnique) over the top because if you really want the best result from a highlighter it should be on top. Again with the highlighter I found a little bit went a long way and used my finger to blend. I found the highlighter a little less effective because it was quite tricky to blend and the lines were still noticeable even after it had set so I used my ELF 'Kabuki Face Brush' (RRP £6.00) to dust a light amount of No.7 bronzer over the apples of my cheeks just to cover the lines a little. Overall for the price I was satisfied the products did the job, and would last a long time given that I'd suggest you used sparingly.



 For my eyes I used ELF's 'Beauty Book - Smoky Eye Edition' (which is now on sale for £3 - bargain!) which is a large palette with shadows for both a brown and grey smoky eyed look. I went with brown as I find its not as harsh with my blonde hair and suits my green eyes better however there is good choice for either. Following the easy instructions on the inside I applied the liner first, then a highlighting light shade to the brow bone and inner eye corner. I then applied a slightly darker shade for a base blending the eye corner to the brow bone and out then finished with the contour shade on the outside then blended. All the shadows went on fantastically, and I didn't need a lot to achieve the look I was going for. They were a little tricky to blend, however the four sided brush included definitely helped with this. As the evening wore on the darkest shade faded very quickly however the overall look stayed in place long enough. Definitely worth the tiny price tag, and allows you the choice to adapt to any occasion.


I finished the look off with Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara (still student like it is only a sample!) and Rimmel's 'Exaggerate Liquid Liner' both in black. I then used some of Beauty Work UK's great value Lipstick in a pale pink shade (I'm afraid I don't know the name because it's an oldie!) and some of Soap and Glory's plumping lip gloss. Overall I think the main thing to know about ELF's range is it's great value for money and great choice, there are all sorts of shades and colours to suit every need and for a night out it will definitely last the distance. Heres the finished look, let me know your thoughts?

IMG_5046 IMG_5054 IMG_5051

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