Secondhand Serenade

Over the last couple of months I have been hearing some amazingly beautiful songs whilst in shops and I have 'Shazzam-ed' them all, and funnily enough they are all by the same band - California acoustic outfit Secondhand Serenade.


So I finally thought it was time to take a listen and see if they were as good as the samples I heard. I purchased both albums that I found on iTunes - 'Awake' and 'A Twist in my Story'. They also recorded an acoustic version of ATIMS called 'A Naked Twist in My Story' which will definitely be my next download.


I literally have not taken the album off repeat, and I know I have found something great when I don't skip a single track. Front man John Vesely's smooth but beautifully painful vocal really resonates with every part of me - if youre a fan of Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin and Dashboard Confessional as I am I think you will love it. The instrumentation is never over done always perfect to let the words speak for themselves.


It's so hard to pick standout tracks because as I say they're all stellar but lead single from ATIMS 'Fall for You' is undeniably strong especially with how I am feeling at the moment. My other favourite tracks include 'Stay Close Don't Go' and 'Awake'.


I hope they plan to tour in the UK soon because I would love to see this music performed in a really intimate venue. I think it's the time of thing that would keep the crowd silent in awe. If you love music that really pulls at your heart strings I beg you to check them out:


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