I've always wanted to be a mermaid...

It's been a while since I wrote a beauty related, or in fact any post here. This blog has gone from a search for 'thinspiration', to beauty outlet to personal outlet station so apologies for the lack of coherence! Now my personal things are starting to calm down, I want to write about my favourite thing again. 

This brings me to the subject of this post, HAIR! Now I have never been one to hugely foray into the area of experimental hair dyes, or in fact any hair dye, Prior to the big 'going blonde' that happened a few years ago I had only strayed from my natural chestnut brown to add a cheeky pink streak underneath to express my latent emo-ism. The pink was short lived (along with the emo) and skipping ahead to the blonde days I have only entrusted my full head of foils to salon professionals. 

Whilst I have never experimented with my own hair colour I have always looked longingly to the girls with that quirky rock style of bold colours and suddenly when Amelia Lily appeared on our screens with her X-Factor live show makeover of pastel candy floss locks and heavy black kohl the lightbulb went on.  I have been desperate to try the look for years but have never been brave enough. I considered pink dip dye, but my short thin hair couldn't really carry it. 

That brings me to my product du jour, trendy London salon 'Bleach London' have recently launched a range of brightly coloured dyes so wannabes such as my self can recreate the amazing creative ,looks at home and for £5 a bottle it would be rude not to try it. I have been going for the natural look lately, having removed my extensions and gone a bit darker (rendering them useless their current colour) I decided to try out their 'Rose' shade.


Now first thing to say is I love the simplicity of it, it comes as just a bottle - a really funky graffiti style bottle but doing away with the usual box of paraphernalia you associate with home hair dying kits. You simply just get some gloves on and apply. At this point I'll say the product is designed for bleached hair but as my extensions were blonde I was apply to skip that step, The bottle did make it quite hard to get all the product out however I was able to just cut it through the middle using kitchen scissors which helped me get a lot more out. Here were my results....


As you can see I didn't manage to get very even coverage so next time I would definitely not be so lazy and get a brush to use to make sure I do it properly. But I think if I heat styled it with my natural hair this would look a bit more deliberate than maybe it does in the photos. I'd also try leaving the dye on for longer than the suggested 15 minutes to attempt a bolder look but overall given that I like the pastely come beachy look I am not too bothered by this. If you're using on your real hair bear in mind it's not permanent and its only supposed to last 10ish washes but as I used clip in extensions that should buy me a bit more time. Overall I love how easy it was and I'd definitely be tempted to experiment with some of their other shades, What do you think of my new mermaid look? I can't wait to style it up and wear it out! xx 


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