Beach Waves - with the THX Deep Barrel Waver

THX Deep Barrel Waver: Before and During

I went to the Birmingham clothes show again in 2013, after years of talking about it. I went first in 2009, and felt like I'd died and gone to beautiful heaven but in the years to follow I could never justify spending that amount on myself so close to Christmas. It once again lived up to my amazing memories, and everywhere you looked you were surrounded by pink, champagne, clothes, hair and makeup!

One of my favourite parts of the day is getting demonstrations from the brand ambassadors, I love to see how a product is meant to work straight from the horses mouth.My favourite discovery was a from a brand I hadn't actually heard of before then - THX (Total Hair Experts). They were showcasing their range of hair styling equipment which included everything from straighteners to tongs, wands and hairdryers. I opted to try their 'Define Style Deep Barrel Waver' because I already have a selection of tongs/wands and my hair is naturally poker straight.

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Hair: The full bodied messy ponytail...

My struggle for big hair often comes up against my need to have it tied back for my second restaurant job. Now, I am not a big fan of up-dos in anyway. When I can choose my hairstyle for myself it will ALWAYS be down maybe occasionally with some bits clipped back.
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Girls Night Out - Makeup

Following on from my post a few days ago I thought I'd show you guys my favourite look for a girls night out. I'm big into smoky eyes, and usually like to keep the lip as nude as possible because when I'm out drinking and dancing - so much can (and has) gone wrong with a bold lip - see the photo below!

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Benefit 'How to look the best at everything' review

Flicking the channels around the other weekend I stumbled across QVC's beauty weekend. I ended up getting transfixed by the Benefit hour and I really enjoyed seeing all the products being shown and demonstrated by their top make-up artist Lisa Potter Dixon. One of the products featured that really caught my eye was the 'How to look the best at Everything' kit. It contains minis of the POREfessional pro balm, Hello Flawless brightening make-up, Bo-ing concealer and the Hello Flawless custom powder. I was really keen to try the POREfessional and the Bo-Ing so I thought this would be a great way to sample them before I committed to the full size versions.
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OOTD - Girls Night Out

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a girl who loves to party. Any excuse to get out on the dance floor and I'm there. The thing I love the most is getting ridiculously overdressed, which has resulted in 75% of my wardrobe only being wearable 25% of the time!
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Orange - big for spring

Bold orange is literally everywhere at the moment - from Karen Millen to FCUK and Miss Selfridge, its very hard to ignore. I think it's going to be huge this spring, which is a refreshing change from the pastels that dominated last year. I like it because it's very mod, sunny and it goes with  my personal favourite colour to wear - cobalt blue!
Orange fashion from Karen Millen and FCUK

I did try and purchase this orange skater dress and this accented shift dress from Miss Selfridge over the weekend but unfortunately both were sold out in my size. Instead I thought I'd bring some orange into my work wardrobe, and when I found this dress from George at Asda I was sold.

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New Spring Hair Freshen Up...

Before, After and During

As you may or may not have noticed from my last post, my hair colour is looking atrocious at the moment. I'm an unashamedly a bottle blonde, so since I lightened up in October 2011 I have been reliant on a full head of foils. Now unemployment does not agree with being a fake blonde, so in an attempt to regulate the cost, my hairdresser added a tint over my full head to try help the regrowth look more natural. However all it really did was leave me with a really brassy look after a month or so.

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My Valentines day look on a budget...

After years in the restaurant biz, I have never really had any chance to have any kind of Valentines Day celebrations. Which I've never really minded because often I've been single, and even when I am not... I am a little sceptical. BUT this year my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a lovely hotel stay and dinner. With it being so close to payday, I couldn't afford to splurge on something fancy so I headed over to my 'go to guy 'for affordable fashion - New Look.

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Dry Shampoo Miracle

Batiste XXL Volume

One thing I have loved about going blonde, is getting to use dry shampoo without worrying about the slightly greyish look it gives your hair. Now Batiste now do many versions for every hair colour and scent preference and today I want to shout about My FAVOURITE variety - their XXL volume edition. I am a big believer that big hair is next to godliness and that your hair can never be 'too big' (maybe I should have existed in the 80's) so for me is a big bonus. Sprayed and massaged into roots like a normal shampoo it acts like a mousse to really give you the lift you need between washes. I find myself even wanting to use it when my hair is clean! Best part is, it doesn't have too much of a scent so it can go fairly undetected into your hair regime. I always keep a can with me and stock up whenever I see it on offer. It retails at around £4 in most stores but Wilkinsons almost always have it for £2 so if you see it I'd recommend you gave it a try.

Whats your favourite Batiste edition? Have you tried XXL?

Let me know in the comments.

N xx

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making friends

Hey girls,

As i'm sure you know i'm just starting out and really want to get right into the blogging world so please I would love it if you follow me on Bloglovin ! I promise I'll be doing lots of work on this over the coming months so I'll try and make it worth your while.

Also please let me know if you have any posts you'd like to see. I'd love some inspiration.

N xx 
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Supermakeup Sweep

As I mentioned in my last post, I have just started my new job. Along with the fantastically structured days, the excellent office canteen and the new addiction to green tea, I will soon have nothing I have never had in excess in all my life - MONEY! Having worked in countless restaurant jobs, then admin, money has come in dribs and drabs and it's never been anything to shout about and it's always pre allocated. But now I am a grown up, with a grown up salary to match and I have already mentally made a huge shopping list of everything I am going to greatly enjoy buying when the first lot of money finally lands in my account.


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Dress Down Friday OOTD

Hello there!

Getting ready for the weekly "dress down Friday" today realised that my outfit really symbolises one of my styles. Fashion wise some might say that my style isn't very cohesive- one day I'll be glitter, lashes and extensions and another I will be leggings and sports jerseys. But I like having a casual low maintainance element to my style, I feel like it shows a different side to my personality maybe some people wouldn't guess.


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My (late) Blog-alutions

Hi there everyone!
It's been a while which I can blame on a number of things, a new exciting job, moving house and a serious lack of technology. But I am back and I am making this year, the year I put my blog on the map. I am so deeply passionate about beauty and fashion, but I have let other things in my life push it out the way. I read all the successful blogs and watch the big youtubers, and the ones just starting out and I am just in awe, so with that in mind I want to make some blog-alutions for 2014...

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