Benefit 'How to look the best at everything' review

Flicking the channels around the other weekend I stumbled across QVC's beauty weekend. I ended up getting transfixed by the Benefit hour and I really enjoyed seeing all the products being shown and demonstrated by their top make-up artist Lisa Potter Dixon. One of the products featured that really caught my eye was the 'How to look the best at Everything' kit. It contains minis of the POREfessional pro balm, Hello Flawless brightening make-up, Bo-ing concealer and the Hello Flawless custom powder. I was really keen to try the POREfessional and the Bo-Ing so I thought this would be a great way to sample them before I committed to the full size versions.


I love love love this product! I honestly do not have a bad word to say about it. It goes on so smoothly and is barely noticeable on the skin. It helped give my foundation a really dewy finish which stayed there all the way until I came home.

Hello Flawless Brightening Make-up: 

This was quite thin as it went on and didn't really provide the sort of coverage I was hoping for. Also it didn't help that the shade was not quite right for me. It did have a really nice highlighter like finish, and I do think it's the kind of thing I'd use just to give my skin a quick pick me up throughout the day, or in the summer months when I tend to wear less foundation.


This also lived up to all my expectations. I love the thought behind giving two slightly different shades (Lisa explained this was because dark circles and redness responded better to different shades) and they both came on nice and thick and blended so well. I will definitely be buying this again.

Hello Flawless Custom Powder

I have to admit, I'm not a big powder girl. I suffer from quite dry skin across my face and I find when I wear too much powder it tends to sit really heavily on top of my skin. I love the shade though, and think it's probably dark enough to use as more of a contouring powder than regular face powder which made it work for me far better because my cheeks arent as dry. I do love that it comes with the perfect brush for touching up any odd shiny areas.

Overall I am really pleased with the kit, I think it's showed me a good snapshot of Benefits base collection and definitely helped with my purchasing decisions! It also comes with some nice touches like a large mirror in the lid and a little 'tips' booklet to help you get the best out of it. The kit comes in three shades: Light, Medium or Deep which all have a slightly different colour scheme (mine is medium). It retails at £25.50 but if you order from QVC here not only will you get it for a totally affordable £19.44, but they're also throwing in a mini of Benefits best selling 'They're Real' mascara which usually sells in Boots for around £9 making it a complete steal.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Benefit product is! Have you tried this kit?
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