Dress Down Friday OOTD

Hello there!

Getting ready for the weekly "dress down Friday" today realised that my outfit really symbolises one of my styles. Fashion wise some might say that my style isn't very cohesive- one day I'll be glitter, lashes and extensions and another I will be leggings and sports jerseys. But I like having a casual low maintainance element to my style, I feel like it shows a different side to my personality maybe some people wouldn't guess.


Sorry for the poor quality pictures, just snapped them as I was walking out the door but this is what I'm wearing:

Primark (men's) Marvel sweater - I love all things marvel and I buy men's so it's really oversized and comfy.

New Look jeggings I love the faded wash and because they're jeggings they're even my friend on 'fat days'

Nike blazers I love blazers! I'd have them in every colour if I could afford it but this pair I got are such a cute colour scheme, they go with so much of my wardrobe and there street but still girly. But they are only available in "kids" so thank god for my small feet!

I also have a Miss Selfridge long stripy undertop because when I'm wearing leggings I have this continual fear that my top is too short so I wear a long on nearly under everything.

What do you think? What do you wear on dress down Fridays ? Do you like taking a day off from being girly ?

I'll be back Sunday with my payday wishlist so please stay with me ๐Ÿ˜˜

N xx

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