Dry Shampoo Miracle

Batiste XXL Volume

One thing I have loved about going blonde, is getting to use dry shampoo without worrying about the slightly greyish look it gives your hair. Now Batiste now do many versions for every hair colour and scent preference and today I want to shout about My FAVOURITE variety - their XXL volume edition. I am a big believer that big hair is next to godliness and that your hair can never be 'too big' (maybe I should have existed in the 80's) so for me is a big bonus. Sprayed and massaged into roots like a normal shampoo it acts like a mousse to really give you the lift you need between washes. I find myself even wanting to use it when my hair is clean! Best part is, it doesn't have too much of a scent so it can go fairly undetected into your hair regime. I always keep a can with me and stock up whenever I see it on offer. It retails at around £4 in most stores but Wilkinsons almost always have it for £2 so if you see it I'd recommend you gave it a try.

Whats your favourite Batiste edition? Have you tried XXL?

Let me know in the comments.

N xx

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