My (late) Blog-alutions

Hi there everyone!
It's been a while which I can blame on a number of things, a new exciting job, moving house and a serious lack of technology. But I am back and I am making this year, the year I put my blog on the map. I am so deeply passionate about beauty and fashion, but I have let other things in my life push it out the way. I read all the successful blogs and watch the big youtubers, and the ones just starting out and I am just in awe, so with that in mind I want to make some blog-alutions for 2014...

1) Update at least once a week - I want to stop making excuses for why I am not writing and just put pen to paper.
2) Start a youtube channel. My first step of this is getting a half decent camera, but after that I think it could be something I could do pretty  well - I used to be constantly playing around film editing and I loved it.,
3) Establish my identity as a blogger. This is something I deeply struggle with on a personal level, I constantly worry so much about not being mediocre and making sure I stay true to myself instead of becoming an imitation of the bold people I admire. I want to rebrand my blog, keep the identity strong and build a following that's mine.

4) Learn the technicalities. It's strange that I actually had more computer and technical knowledge when I was 16 and constantly tweaking my Myspace profile than I do now. I want to get the understanding of all the technical parts of blogging, I feel like it will not only help me make my blog a success but it will help me in work.

5) MAKE SOME FRIENDS! I love the blogging community and I know that whatever you are writing about, it really brings people together. I have been a largely passive reader but I am going to make an effort to reach out to people who I can identify with, and I really want people to do the same to me.
So stick with me if you want a mix of hair, beauty, fashion, music and most importantly LIFE from someone with an eclectic taste and honest outlook. How about everyone else - has anybody else got any late blog-alutions?
N x


  1. This sounds like me! I love blogging so much but I get sooo lazy and life gets in the way! looks like we have the same goals! xx

  2. We will have to spur each other on! x


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