My Valentines day look on a budget...

After years in the restaurant biz, I have never really had any chance to have any kind of Valentines Day celebrations. Which I've never really minded because often I've been single, and even when I am not... I am a little sceptical. BUT this year my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a lovely hotel stay and dinner. With it being so close to payday, I couldn't afford to splurge on something fancy so I headed over to my 'go to guy 'for affordable fashion - New Look.

Top £12.99 New Look
Leather Look Leggings £12.99 New Look
Nude Wedges - New Look (ages ago so I can't remember how much I'm sorry)
Gold Hoops - New Look £2.99
Clutch - £8 in the New Look sale

I wanted to keep the look really simple and classy, but comfortable because there is nothing worse than going for a lovely meal and feeling like you will burst from your clothes afterwards! I love leather look anything because it just adds a sexy edge to any outfit, especially paired with the lace. The best part is these leggings have a wide panel over the tummy which holds you in very well. I also went simple for the make-up opting for a bold red lip because it is in keeping with the occasion. I love that hoops are making a comeback, I really think they soften the face for people with a rounder face shape like mine!

What do you think of my look? Are you a fan of New Look? Or where do you go for your affordable fashion?

Let me know in the comments below.

N xx

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