New Spring Hair Freshen Up...

Before, After and During

As you may or may not have noticed from my last post, my hair colour is looking atrocious at the moment. I'm an unashamedly a bottle blonde, so since I lightened up in October 2011 I have been reliant on a full head of foils. Now unemployment does not agree with being a fake blonde, so in an attempt to regulate the cost, my hairdresser added a tint over my full head to try help the regrowth look more natural. However all it really did was leave me with a really brassy look after a month or so.

Finally this week I made it into the salon. I decided to lighten back up again with bleach put back in for every third foil (I had been trying to wean myself off the bleach but I'm not ready to yet...). I also decided to go for bold, and get a Brigette Bardot style grown out fringe cut in to try and freshen my look up for spring.

I love my new fringe, I am always so conscious of my forehead it makes me feel so confident. If possible it's making me even more excited for when I get my Beauty Works weave fitted next month!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

N xx

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  1. Your hair looks lovely! I'm loving the beach waves too darl lovely postxo

  2. Your hair looks so lovely!

  3. looks really good!



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