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As I mentioned in my last post, I have just started my new job. Along with the fantastically structured days, the excellent office canteen and the new addiction to green tea, I will soon have nothing I have never had in excess in all my life - MONEY! Having worked in countless restaurant jobs, then admin, money has come in dribs and drabs and it's never been anything to shout about and it's always pre allocated. But now I am a grown up, with a grown up salary to match and I have already mentally made a huge shopping list of everything I am going to greatly enjoy buying when the first lot of money finally lands in my account.


1. Benefit 'Brows-a-go-go'
2. Mac Foundation
3. Real Techniques Brushes
4. Urban Decay Naked Pallette

As you will see most of this wishlist is makeup, I'm really looking to move my collection from Drugstore to Premium. I have always been a Rimmel/L'Oreal/Maybelline girl, and whilst I love the products I've always used, I bought a few things from Lancome just before Christmas and the difference was amazing. I love how everything goes on how it is supposed to, it lasts and just feels and smells luxurious. I'm especially excited about the Naked pallette and although I'm tempted to go out and buy all three at once - I am going to restrict myself to number 2 because I feel like it's got the best range of shades I'd use every day. From watching all the best #bbloggers Youtube videos I feel like I've got some great tips and can't wait to have the tools to try them out.

4. Cricket Jumper
5. Swing Dress
6. New Look Platform Shoes

Clothing-wise there isn't as much on my list as there usually is because I kitted myself out with a new work wardrobe before Christmas and I haven't been out and about enough to spot some things I want in the shops. However I have wanted an oversized cricket jumper for years and when this one from Holly Hagans collection at UK Fashion Bible I knew I had to have it. I also spotted a really pretty swing dress and along with the monochrome print is really on trend. The long sleeves also appeal to me because I'm not so confident about my arms! The shoes I already have in blue, and I love them - for me and shoes the bigger the better!

7. Miley Cyrus - Bangerz, One Direction - Midnight Memories, The 1975, 1975.

Last thing on my list is music! They're the albums I was hoping to find under the Christmas tree but didn't turn up so am going to treat myself to all three. 1D, I know is a guilty pleasure but I've honestly really enjoyed their last two albums, its so easy listening and great to sing along to when you spend as much time driving as I do. I am desperate for Miley's because I really love how her music has grown up recently. Her latest single 'Adore You' is beautiful, as was 'Wrecking Ball' and I can't wait to hear more. The 1975 is on there again because of the driving value. I love songs that just get you singing and stay in your head for days, I had a little listen on Spotify and I loved what I heard.

So there you have it! I am going up to London for payday weekend and plan to abuse my debit card good and proper at the Westfield Centre, and I'll be sure to show you what I got. What's on your payday wishlists? Do you have any of these products, if so please tell me about them, make me even more excited!

N xx


  1. I love that cricket jumper they are so cute! I had a cardigan just like it but I lost it :( So a new jumper version is defo on my list aswell :) xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

    1. yes I think with some skinny jeans and some long suede flat boots I have it will look so good!! xx


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