Beach Waves - with the THX Deep Barrel Waver

THX Deep Barrel Waver: Before and During

I went to the Birmingham clothes show again in 2013, after years of talking about it. I went first in 2009, and felt like I'd died and gone to beautiful heaven but in the years to follow I could never justify spending that amount on myself so close to Christmas. It once again lived up to my amazing memories, and everywhere you looked you were surrounded by pink, champagne, clothes, hair and makeup!

One of my favourite parts of the day is getting demonstrations from the brand ambassadors, I love to see how a product is meant to work straight from the horses mouth.My favourite discovery was a from a brand I hadn't actually heard of before then - THX (Total Hair Experts). They were showcasing their range of hair styling equipment which included everything from straighteners to tongs, wands and hairdryers. I opted to try their 'Define Style Deep Barrel Waver' because I already have a selection of tongs/wands and my hair is naturally poker straight.

It works like a crimper, except instead of the little zig zag effect, the plates were waves. It was so easy to use  - just clamp it down for 15-20 seconds on each section of hair and boom, within 20 minutes we had done my whole head. The shape of the style looked quite strange at first but once it was brushed through it was relaxed into a gorgeous beach wave look. It has a temperature dial and goes all the way up to 210 degrees which is what you need when your hair is as style resistant as mine!

After that the product went straight on my Christmas list and it's my favourite when I want wavy hair in a hurry.

If you are looking for a more casual way to wear voluminous, curly hair and you are short on time I would definitely recommend it. THX are exclusively stocked at Tesco, and this product retails at £35 but I think my Dad managed to get it on offer. They are actually running a promotion at the moment, and it's only £23. My main tip for using is definitely brush your hair out afterwards, or you could end up looking a little like a spaghetti head!

Have you tried any THX products? Let me know in the comments!

N xx

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