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Ever since my best friend bought me my first set of clip ins for my 18th birthday, I have been obsessed with hair extensions. My hair has always been flat and thin and incapable of growing far past my shoulders, so the idea of thick gorgeous long hair that does what it's meant to just really excites me.

For the first couple of years I just went with the affordable easy to manage clip ins, before taking the plunge with a harmless and easy to look after weave. I didn't know much about what was on offer so I chose some mid range hair - Sleek 'Style Icon'.

I loved having the hair in there permanently, but I wasn't happy at the quality of the hair - no matter how I looked after it and what I used it never stayed soft and shiny for too long. I got my research head on and started looking into some better quality hair when I came across Beauty Works. Long time celebrity favourite Beauty Works offer a range of different high quality extensions to suit all needs. I'd already found out that Brazillian hair was by far the best quality and I decided I wanted to go the whole hog and go for their top 'Gold' offering which are double drawn wefts (meaning the hair is the same thickness at the top as the bottom).

 After researching different extensionist I came across the brilliant Holly from the Wirral and arranged a little weekend away in Liverpool to see her. She was so quick and professional and got a nice cuppa and chat whilst she worked her magic. She even curled it for me ready for my night on the town.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with them, they are so soft and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to Holly's fab application they feel tight and secure but not uncomfortable. They are so easy to style and make every day a bit more glam. The only problem I have is that my highlights have gone slightly yellow so at some times the match isn't perfect but next time I'm back at the salon I'll get my real hair toned which should fix that. If you haven't had a weave before the weight does take some getting used to, and it does require a lot more looking after in terms of blow drying, products and time. I'm glad I spent more on the hair, I think Beauty Works are definitely worth the investment. I have had them nearly two weeks now and are perfect still.

Have you ever had extensions? What brands and methods do you like? I'd love to hear your recommendations for hair care products.

N xx

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  1. Hi Nicola, I just came across your post about your hair's our page about them: Beauty Works Celebrity Choice. It was great to read you loved them so much! I couldn't agree more it's really worth investing in good quality products with an experienced hair extension artist.

    If any of your readers in Manchester or Cheshire want new hair extensions then hair extensions Manchester would be more than happy to help ;-)

    Thanks for the interesting read and keep up the good work!

    Love Long Hair


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