Work Makeup: MAC Ruby Woo

MAC Ruby Woo

For work, I've never ever been that adventurous with my make-up. On the whole I've worked in more casual but uniformed environments and I've never wanted to look overdressed. That coupled with my laziness and love of sleep amounted to a fairly natural make-up look being adorned most days. Now I have more time, money and freedom to dress how I want at work, I'm definitely wanting to make the most of it and try new things. 

With this in mind, I thought I'd try a look I had regularly tested for evenings out with a bit more of a day spin - the bold red lip. I felt MAC's Ruby Woo was the perfect red for this because it's simple and matte texture. It's not too showy and really speaks for itself. I bought it because having seen reviews I thought it was the perfect matte orange red I've been searching high and low for... It's way too scarlet in real life for that but I'm still glad I bought it as my first MAC lipstick as it's definitely a great staple.

This has been reviewed to death so I'll stay clear of the generics and give you my opinion. I LOVE the feel of it, its so dry it's kind of weird but something that I've never experienced before. It does make it a little harder to apply, but also makes it harder to get wrong. It stayed in place all day until I had lunch so minimal re-application was definitely an appeal to me and it' looked so bold without actually being overtly look at me. It was the perfect accent to my outfit (which I'll be showing you in a post later in the week). 

I hate overdoing the eye with such a bold lip so I just stuck to a bit of mascara and my Lancome Kohl liner.  What do you think? 

Have you tried Ruby Woo? I'm loving the velvety look of matte lipsticks, what others would you recommend? 

N xx 

MAC Ruby Woo Work Makeup

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