Spring Haul Part 1: Miss Selfridge

I don't know what it is lately, whether it's because I've just got properly paid for the first time in months or just because spring is giving me the need to give my wardrobe new lease of life. This is the first of three posts to show you all the things that have got me spending! Ignore the colouring of the pictures - just getting to grips with the brightness settings on my camera with some weird results...

The first store I visited was one that isn't usually a friend to me as someone slightly on the curvier side but their orange dresses (that I blogged about here) had me checking their website daily for availability. This is how I stumbled upon my first purchase of this t-shirt dress. Online it looked like more of a navy and gold number, but was even more pleased when I got it to find it was a kind of cobalt and highlighter orange. This is the perfect dress to dress up or down and I love the little keyhole at the back, it's so cute. I only have two problems with it, one being that because of the amazing colours I'm a bit of a loss to what shoes to wear with it. I've gone  for nude on this occasion but not 100% happy with that pairing so going to have to give that some thought. Ideally I'd have been able to get a size bigger but hopefully with a bit of dieting and a sucky-suit I can make this work for me!

My second purchase was this gorgeous faux leather jacket. I have been wanting one for ages but always have a problem with the length, every one I try on comes up like a crop jacket on me. When I spotted this one included in the '30% off jackets' promotion and one left in my size I had to get it. I love it! It's so warm and the sleeves have fabric panels so they aren't as stiff as faux leather can be. It's so comfy, warm and such a great length. At £52 it's probably a bit more than I'd spend on a faux jacket usually but with the 30% off it was a steal at £33.40. It's probably a little bigger than I'd have bought in store but that just makes it comfier!

What do you think? Do you find much in Miss Selfridge? 

N xx

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  1. Miss Selfridge definitely hits the nail on the head with gorgeous designs. I love the purple and orange/yellow dress, it's just so pretty!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  2. you look gorgeous in that dress, it really suits you :) and I love your blue heels :)



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