My spring wishlist

I didn't do a wishlist for last month, purely for the reason I was being very naughty and buying everything I wanted straight off. However it is a different story this month, I am on a spending ban at the moment, so naturally I want everything. This list could have been four pages long but I thought I'd show you what is really testing my willpower at the moment.

The photo online does not do this justice at all, I spotted it in store last week and it's so pretty and a really nice shape. This dress is the perfect pastel for spring, and would go from work to a night out easily. If this is still in store by the time I'm spending again it's coming straight home.

2. Mint oversized blazer, New Look £24.99 
Sadly I couldn't link to this as when I went to find it had disappeared from the site, but this would slot in so nicely to my work wardrobe and looks fresh and comfortable.Mint is such a versatile colour, I'm obsessed with it.

3. White cleated sole platforms, River Island 
Again another product that has gone from the website so I sense I'm way too late for these. I spotted them on this post from 'She Wears Fashion' and a few other of hers and they look amazing with so many different styles. They're so chunky they fit my style perfectly. If anyone knows anywhere I can get my hands on some please let me know.

If you saw my previous post here you'll know this was my standout piece from the S&B burn book collection. This is firmly on my birthday list.

I need a new casual bag as mine is extremely battered but I just haven't seen one I like enough. I think this one will slot nicely into my pastel collection!  

I have just got new hair extensions weaved in (review coming soon!), and I really want to make sure I give them 100% care this time. Am on the hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo and have heard amazing things about this!

I'm not a jean person, I'm definitely a leggings person. I like to be comfortable and jeans remind me of my extra weight far more than I'd like. However I feel like leggings can lead to me being lazy with my posture and style in general so I feel like high waisted and acid wash would be an on trend way to ease me back in! I love seeing acid wash teamed with a crisp white top - so smart! 

So there we have it, I'm hoping my resolve will hold up but the dress is definitely testing me. 

Whats making you want to splurge at the moment? 

N xx 


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