Models Own: Pukka Purple

Models Own were not a brand that were in my consciousness until really recently. Two of their collections really caught my eye whilst I was delving through Boots - the 'Fruit Pastels' and the 'Ice Neons'. I didn't really seriously consider buying because I am sadly a devotee of the nail bar and have worn acrylic nails religiously for years so nail polishes tend to just go forgotten in drawers.

However I was enamoured by their offering at Clothes Show Live 2013, a huge bag of MO for £10 including your choice of polishes. Immediately my mind flew to the collections I'd passed up and I sifted through the whole stand to try and find some. I managed to find two, one from each collection. The 'Banana Split' and the one in this post 'Pukka Purple. I am trying to give my nails a bit of a break from the acrylic so I thought it would be the perfect chance to try some polishes out.

I love how consistent the Models Own packaging is, it's great for brand recognition. This bottle is particularly nice because it has a kind of frosted finish to it. The polish goes on really nice and neatly (despite my terrible hand eye co-ordination!) and I only needed one coat to get the 'purple highlighter'
 shade I was after. Three days later the coverage is still really good and it's only chipped where I have nervously chewed. I am dissapointed because I'd have prefered to try the pink or green shades in this colleciton but it's still a great colour and good to go with the colour of this spring - orange. The polish, like all models own retails at £5. I'd definitely consider picking up some of their other shades to take into the nail bar! MO gives so much more choice than the usual array of OPI reds and pinks they have on offer.

What do you think of Models Own? What's your favourite collection?

N xx

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