My Shower Time Routine

I wouldn't say I have a textbook shower routine, most of the time it's grab whatever is closest in a rush to get out of the house as quick as possible (because I am usually late). I live for the days that I have long enough to pick from my array of products and have a full 'deep clean'.

I'd usually start with the 'Scrub of your Life' by Soap and Glory, which as the name suggests is an exfoliating body scrub. Like all Soap and Glory the packaging is bright and fun and the smell is amazing - so distinctive. It comes out as a pink gel, with chunky beads to scrub away your imperfections. It reminds me of an FCUK scrub I used to be obsessed with but smells so much better. My only criticism is, it can be a little hard to sink in whilst wet so you could lose some product but you just have to be quite direct with it. I got this in a gift set but I'd happily pay for it.

This is where I'd shampoo my hair liberally with John Freida full repair. I've talked about my love for John Freida, and this range in particular before but I've found it's the only drug store level shampoo that really gets deep enough into my hair to repair the days of back combing it has to contend with. I love it! Following this I'd apply the matching conditioner and brush it through whilst wet because otherwise I can never get conditioner deep enough in.

Whilst the conditioner sinks in I grab my trusty Gillette 'Venus' so get rid of any pesky hairs. I've been using various incarnations of the Venus ever since I started shaving but since they realised the ones with the bars of balm I have been hooked. They're so kind on the legs and smell lovely. I haven't got a closer shave with anything else. The one I'm currently using is the latest version of the Venus with Olay that I first discovered whilst I was working out in the states and was so glad when they brought it out here last year. This version has an amazing '' scent.

After I'm rinsed off and out the shower for that last dose of softness I go over all my driest areas with my exfoliating gloves and run in some of Soap and Glory's 'Righteous Butter/' to prolong the amazing smell and softness. I much prefer using body butter to moisturisers because I hate that wet feeling you can be left with for ages afterwards. With this product you can dress almost straight after although I would say can feel a little sticky at first but it definitely doesn't stay like that.

So there we have it, my ultimate shower routine. Do you use any of these products? What are your tips for getting ready a hurry?

N xx

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  1. Love the soap and glory products!!
    Would love for you to check out my blog :)

  2. Anonymous22:58

    I love soap & glory, never had a bad product from them! Lovely blog! xx

    1. No they smell so amazing that sells me enough!! I've just got some of their makeup bits and I love them x


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