Spring OOTD

Spring OOTD
I hope you have been enjoying the amazing weather this weekend, I know it sounds bad but if this is climate change I'm kind of okay with it. Aside from the usual working have been in town browsing and making the most of living by the sea. Sitting out by the sea with a cup of tea has to be a highlight. This was my spring Saturday OOTD, I thought the pink cami and the fur coat were the perfect way to bring in Spring.

My Spring Outfit

Coat - £45 Miss Selfridge 
I loved this coat the minute I saw it - it really appealed to my Essex roots but I couldn't justify it's full price of £90 at the time. It went down to £72 at one point and that was still a little much so I put the wish to bed. Then whilst browsing online I saw it had gone down to HALF PRICE and I knew it had to be mine. I made use of the 'check in store' tool on the site to find one in my size in Exeter which my best friend picked up for me. No regrets, because it's so gorgeous and soft and warm and I think it will add glam to so many outfits. 

I have this is in every colour I absolutely love it!

Zip side jeggings - New Look
I'm still not at the point in my weight loss where I want to be wearing jeans so jeggings help in the meantime. I got these ages ago so I cant actually remember how much they are but I wouldn't recommend them anyway because they're constantly falling down - so annoying.

Nude Pumps - Asda 
These were given to me so again I don't know how much they were but they are so comfy I literally live in them.

White Bag - Primark
Love this bag, I've worn it to death because it's so perfect in size and matches everything. I especially love the cutout detail on the front!

What do you think? Have you enjoyed the sun?

N xx 


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  1. This is so cute, an ideal spring outfit. I love the shoes.

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets


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