Stella and Bow: The Burn Book Collection

One of my favourite films of all time is Mean Girls, it's so funny and relateable and probably has the highest 'funny quotes per minute' of any film ever. Ten years later "boo you whore" and "you go Glen Coco" are still regularly used pop culture references in my life. 

Recently I discovered American jewellery outfit Stella and Bow, the brain child of LA residing Lauren Brokaw and Lindsay Lerman. Their mission statement is to provide "quality on trend pieces at affordable prices" and it was a very special collection of theirs that got my attention - 'The Burn Book Collection'

Based on quotes from the film, the Burn Book Collection includes bangles, rings and necklaces and are all affectionately named after characters. I am obsessed with rose gold at the moment so my favourite is this 'Janis' bangle, although I think I'd be wearing it more than Wednesdays. The collection is priced at $23.30-$110 (roughly £15-£70) which makes it special but still affordable. 

Unfortunately though it costs another $60 dollars to ship to the UK so I don't think I'll be splashing out just yet. 

 What do you think are the funniest quotes from Mean Girls? Do you like S&B's collection? 

N xx



  1. I absolutely looove Mean Girls too! "She doesn't even go here!!!" hahaha. It's such an awesome film. I do like this collection but it is a little pricey xx

  2. Oh my god - I NEED some of this jewellery!!! I am such a Mean Girls Fan! Good find, Nikki! :)

    Vicki xoxo


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