I dreamed the day I worked in a busy marketing office my work wardrobe would be all power dresses and structured suits. Fast forward to my first day in such a job where I realised the dress code is somewhat undefined. IT guys wondered around in their jeans, aside sales in their pinstriped shirts and ties whilst marketing stayed casual somewhere in between.

This outfit was born from the fact I haven't wanted to lose the 'smart dress' that I started to build my wardrobe up for but at the same time I want my work outfits to look fun, colourful and creative. I'm obsessed with all things 90's so this scarf print blouse just screamed at me, but didn't have anything to wear with it until I picked up this bargain of a New Look skirt. Voila, I have an outfit that is smart, quirky, and girly all at the same time - with all the practicality needed for work. If you interested in my make-up look I blogged about it here.

Black Ankle Boots - New Look (Ages ago sorry!)

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