Get the look: gossip girl

Thanks to Ed Westwick's very active 'SELFIE' reflex, I've started rewatching one of my al time favourite shows Gossip Girl. Although it ended years ago the style is absolutely timeless. With that in mind I thought I'd put together some outfits inspired by my favourite characters.

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Face of the Day: Visiting the family

Happy Monday! I've been pretty quiet on the blogging front as I have been off on annual leave for the last week so have been keeping myself busy but expect posts on Paris, McBusted and night out outfits to come this week. For today I'm going to keep it nice and simple and show you my FOTD.

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Weight loss wednesdays - fluctuations

So this is week two in my #WLW series and today I'd like to talk about weight fluctuations. There is nothing more soul destroying when, after seeing a pleasing number one day, hopping on the scales soon after to see something radically different. It's so demoralising so I just wanted to share a few tips for making sure you are getting consistent readings.

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Packing for Paris

Today I am extremely excited because tomorrow me and two of my best friends will be hopping the Eurostar to a city I have been desperate to visit since as long as I can remember. In a city famous for its fashion - what to wear is obviously of paramount importance.

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Outfit of the day - dinner out

Tonight's outfit is a little more casual than I'd normally be wearing on a Saturday night out. However I am in Plymouth visit family. We are going down to the barbican by the waterside, so need something appropriate but still glam.
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Weight loss wednesdays - week 1

Firstly I'd like to start by apologising for the gargantuan length of post today - I just wanted to give you an introduction to my story and I promise any future #WLW posts will not be of this length.

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Get big bouncy curls using a wand

For as long as I can remember I have loved enormous hair. Whilst my friends were religiously using their GHDs to plaster their hair as sleekly to their head as possible, I was blow drying upside down, crimping and scrunching like nobody's business to try and inject some personality into my boring barnet. For this post please ignore the massively over edited photos - was trying to compensate for my lack of makeup although as you can see my skills are none too skilful.

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Saturday night makeup

As I've mentioned before here, I love a night out. Unfortunately I spend most weekends working at my second restaurant job so I don't get to dress up and party as much as I'd like. Despite having no need to,  I like to make a little more effort for work on a Saturday night so I don't feel like I am missing as much.

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Budget Nail Review: Maybelline colour show

I'm always on the look out for unusual nail colours and last summer after buying a dress in this exact colour (which I will definitely share with you very soon) I was delighted to see this 'Tenacious Teal' offering staring at me.

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My picks: 'Loved by Mollie' collection at Oasis

Loved by Mollie Oasis Collection

When I heard The Saturdays Mollie King was collaborating on a fashion line last autumn, I was very excited. I can't count the amount of things in my wardrobe that are there because she wore something like it. Her style is the perfect mix of girlie, fun, practical, classy with a little bit of sexy.

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Work Outfit of the Day - Block Colours

Blazer - New Look // Dress - Geoge at Asda // Boots - New Look

I find working in a huge office, it's really easy to let your wardrobe become drab and boring. I'm desperate to not let that happen so I'm always looking for smart pieces in bright colours to make me stand out.

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Face of the day - orange lip

Face of the day - orange lip
I have been wanting to try orange-red lips for ages, but I just haven't been able to find the right colour. I have swatched so many that I spotted on bloggers but they just don't look that great shade of light orange/red that I am wanting. I managed to pick up a slightly reminiscent shade from Sleek so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

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My top 5 bloggers

Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Blogs

It's happened, I've just got over my first hurdle of 100 followers on bloglovin' and I'm so proud. After only having properly been trying to blog since January and knowing that visually it is far from what I'd like, I am very happy with that. So thanks to all of you. I thought to mark the occasion I'd give a little nod to all the blogs that have inspired me to give it a go.

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