Get big bouncy curls using a wand

For as long as I can remember I have loved enormous hair. Whilst my friends were religiously using their GHDs to plaster their hair as sleekly to their head as possible, I was blow drying upside down, crimping and scrunching like nobody's business to try and inject some personality into my boring barnet. For this post please ignore the massively over edited photos - was trying to compensate for my lack of makeup although as you can see my skills are none too skilful.

I can't tell you how much time and money I have spent and continue to spend for that illusive lustrous mane I have always dreamed about whilst eliminating some of the agonising time it takes to get it how I want it. A couple of years ago I discovered my absolute holy grail of hair equipment - the Babyliss Pro curling wand.

It gets rid of the lengthy tonging section  by section. You just wrap your hair for a few seconds and hold. Because my hair is so thin, it needs a high temperature to keep a style and this just has it all. My only complaint is that the barrel is not as thick as I'd like so when you first style the curls can be a little tight (I prefer a 'soft waves' kind of look). But I get round this by just making sure I brush them out before I'm done.

For the biggest night out hair and the most volume I usually do it in three layers and curl right into the root. It gives a super 70's hair. Here I did it in two, and started wrapping from halfway down to give myself a softer look - perfect for work. To finish the look I back combed at the roots and sprayed generously all over with my GHD final fix spray.

I'm always looking for the perfect products for big hair so if you have any recommendations for equipment or products I'd love to hear in the comments.

N xx

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  1. Great post and amazing hair<3

  2. I have this curling wand and it doesn't work so great with my hair, it just looks a little too perfect, and i like messy!!


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