Outfit of the day - dinner out

Tonight's outfit is a little more casual than I'd normally be wearing on a Saturday night out. However I am in Plymouth visit family. We are going down to the barbican by the waterside, so need something appropriate but still glam.

Jeans you might recognise from a wishlist a couple of weeks ago - spending ban over I marched straight into new look and bought them. Love they're so comfy and a size smaller than I'd normally buy! Can't wait to wear them with a crisp white top. 

Have paired them today with a mesh panel top from my secret favourite asda which was something ridiculous like £3 in the sale and then finished off with big chunky new look platforms to add some glam and a simple black clutch. I'm not completely happy but I packed hungover yesterday so I didn't have the most sensible choices. 

What's your go to meal out style? Got to be jeans and heels for me. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

N xx 

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  1. Your heels are to die for, love them! Such a effortless but gorgeous outfit! x

    Kim x


  2. You look so lovely, loove the wash of your jeans too, such a perfect mid colour!x


  3. Thank you !! I love them :)x

  4. Thank you very much!! They're surprisingly comfortable!x


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