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Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Blogs

It's happened, I've just got over my first hurdle of 100 followers on bloglovin' and I'm so proud. After only having properly been trying to blog since January and knowing that visually it is far from what I'd like, I am very happy with that. So thanks to all of you. I thought to mark the occasion I'd give a little nod to all the blogs that have inspired me to give it a go.


You will have heard of her, Anna's blog and YouTube channel are one of the best established and most well known on the scene. Years ago when I had no clue about beauty blogging I met her through a mutual friend. I was fascinated as she told a story about being recognised on the train through her blogging and it really hit me how the market was changing and giving people a voice. When I got home I checked out her blog and it was clear to see how she had done so well - amazing clear photos, concise explanations and she shows the products actually being worn rather than in swatches which I really rate. 


Fashion Train aka Becca is primarily a fashion blog. She has such a great sense of style, amazing printed trousers and a cute bralet appear to be her signature style which looks lovely on her and makes me wish that I was her size so I could too! She also has some great finds when it comes to 'steal her style' type posts and she's managed to hit the nail on the head for all the TOWIE girls which is right up my street.


From what I understand Kirstie is quite new to the blogger scene, but I love reading her posts because she seems so similar to me! I love the girly theme and great unique post ideas like high street outfits for the Disney princesses. I also like that she is one blogger that seems immune from all the blogger cliches and she talks about what she's buying rather than just an endless parade of freebies. I literally never skip a post.


This one is a bit different from most of the blogs I follow in that it's more of a mixture of life, love and other things thrown in. It's nice to have some variation but what really pulls you in is Charl's cheeky and witty writing. I swear she is the voice of a generation! Eventually I'd love to evolve into a more all rounder blog like hers, although I wish I had her writing talents to match.


I love Zoey's blog for the mixture of posts and the complete envy of her shoe collection. She's got the kind of style thats just up my street -  really girly and pretty but also with a glam edge. Her standout posts are definitely the wishlists - she definitely has great finding powers.

So there we have it - they are the blogs that made me want to blog and it's all of you that are making me want to keep going! I hope if you haven't seen any of these you will enjoy them as much as I do.

What are your favourite blogs? Let me know in the comments and as always - share your links!

N xx

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