Weight loss wednesdays - fluctuations

So this is week two in my #WLW series and today I'd like to talk about weight fluctuations. There is nothing more soul destroying when, after seeing a pleasing number one day, hopping on the scales soon after to see something radically different. It's so demoralising so I just wanted to share a few tips for making sure you are getting consistent readings.

1. Always make sure you weigh at the same time of day. It's a common story that first thing in the morning is the best time although I can't say it's always true for me. Although it does make sense to weigh before you have eaten or drank anything.
2. Remember everything that can affect that number - your cycle, water retention and even whether you have been to the toilet or not can make you heavier or lighter so again try and keep consistent when measuring.
3. Be careful what you wear! You wouldn't believe how much your clothes can add on, so I like to weigh wearing as little as possible. Usually I choose whilst I'm getting dressed in the morning. Of course shoes are a no no.
4. Use the same scales every time. This might sound weird but all scales measure slightly differently - I know my gym scales are extra brutal whilst my slimming world scales can be extra kind. I only take notice of my home scales for safety.
5. Also don't lose heart when your gym workout doesn't show up the next day. Try and keep weigh ins weekly if you can so then you know the overall effect your lifestyle is having.

I hope these tips help- I am terrible for obsessively weighing everyday and it's a terrible habit. I'm going to try and keep all this in mind when I'm beat myself up about little gains.

Do you have any of your own? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments.

N xx

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