Weight loss wednesdays - week 1

Firstly I'd like to start by apologising for the gargantuan length of post today - I just wanted to give you an introduction to my story and I promise any future #WLW posts will not be of this length.

I wish I was one of those people who didn't care about their weight. Who could get up and look in the mirror and think I looked fabulous at whatever size. I hate it when people blame the media for a girls negative body image because I don't think it gives people enough credit for their own preferences.

I have never been below a size 12 and I'm very much of the curvy body type. I would describe my figure as 'very padded out hourglass' which shape wise isn't the worst thing. I would never try and set expectations that would counter this. But in the last year or two the combinations of being in a happy relationship, being hugely busy with work and uni and less willpower have resulted in me putting on 2 stone from my 'comfortable weight'. I have been trying since January to get it off but to no avail so I kind of thought it's time for a change in tact. I used to find Slimming world really helpful but when I moved I stopped going because my new group just didn't give me the same vibes. Of course I'd love to have Cheryl Cole's figure but it's much more realistic to aspire to just being my thinner self.

So this is the first in what I hope can be a weekly series of posts about my journey to lose weight and get fit. I know it's a subject which resonates with so many people and I can't tell you how helpful it is to be surrounded by like minded people. My boyfriend doesn't care what he eats and it's so demoralising being surrounded by someone with that attitude so hopefully by writing on here I can get my feelings out.

The first step I've taken is that I now have weekly sessions with a personal trainer - I know it's a big expenditure but he was the cheapest one I've found and its totally worth it for what he's taught me. Working two jobs makes it hard to push yourself into the gym in your spare time so at least I know even if my motivation fails I have that one hard workout each week.

Dietwise I am not following a specific plan but am trying to keep carbs to a minimum, protein high and stick to the slimming world mantra that 2/3 of the plate should be fruit and veg. Where I'm falling down is finding a healthy afternoon snack and resorting to a bag of M&Ms so any suggestions you could give for this would be fantastic. Having such a busy lifestyle makes it hard to remember to prepare things in advance to anywhere I could cut corners on that would help immensely.

I'm also going to be brave and share something I've never shared with anyone - my measurements. Hopefully the satisfaction in watching them go down together will outweigh the initial embarrassment. I'm not trying to be a part of 'fatshaming' but I just want to be in a place where my clothes fit and I can look in the mirror and think 'I look hot'.

Feel free to tweet me or comment with tips, recipes, and links to your blogs on the subject would be gratefully received. Wish me luck :)

N xx

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  1. I think when you're trying to be stricter with weightloss and going to the gym you have to enjoy your workout! Do something you enjoy - be it dancing or running or rowing! I also have a gym routine so when I walk in there I know exactly what i'm going to do, this gives you times to focus on and little goals. These can easily be built up when you feel your body can handle a little more.

    Good luck!!

    1. Yeah as I've never really enjoyed exercising I'm still trying to find something that keeps me motivated!! Zumba is probably my favourite thing I've tried so far.

      Thanks for reading, I've followed you :) x

  2. I do think the media does have a lot to answer for in terms of body image, we constantly see photos of "perfect" celebrities, that have been photoshopped so that they have nothing wrong with them, they have the circle of shame if someone puts on weight or they rudely comment if someone has lost too much. Which can add to people feeling bad, if that's all they see. I have slowly become a girl who gets up and thinks she looks fabulous, even with my skin disorder and being overweight. You just have to start telling yourself that you're fabulous!

    I think you look amazing in all those photos, but I also know how it feels when you don't feel quite comfortable with how you look, and I have lost 10 stone myself, and know how hard it can be when you're surrounded by people who don't have to watch what they eat.

    Healthy afternoon snacks for me were always grapes/watermelon, or a yoghurt. Sometimes I'd do sliced cucumber/carrots with a small amount of dip. Have you asked your personal trainer and seen what they would recommend snacks wise? x


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