Whats in my bag? May 2014 edition

I love seeing these posts, it's like being given a free pass to nosy around people's bags. As you have seen in this post birthday bag post, I have recently got a lovely new one for work that I thought I'd let you nosy round.

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3 ways to wear River Island white cleated sole platforms

Kavita from She Wears Fashion created a monster when she showed these amazing shoes on her blog a month or two ago. She went through a phase where they were in every post and just managed to make them look gorgeous no matter what style she was rocking. I was so desperate for them but they were sold out in stores and online so after checking back every day I was beginning to resolve myself to a life without them. Then my birthday rolled around and I opened a huge prezzie from my boyfriend to find these beauties nested inside a beautiful leopard print shoe box – needless to say I was very excited.

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Top 10 ultimate roadtrip songs

Over the last month or so I have spent so much time in a car. Back and forth between Cambridge, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Norfolk it has left me a lot of time to perfect my on the road playlist. Driving can be so boring so I thought I'd share with you my favourite tunes to cruise along to.

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L'Oreal Colour Infallible - Review

L'Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow

When it comes to drugstore makeup brands, personally I think you can’t get better than L’Oreal Paris. I originally went like a child of the pied piper following where Cheryl Cole led and since then it’s been hard to find a product which disappointed me. One I particularly love are their eyeshadows. I originally got a ‘Colour Appeal’ in a gift set and have built up my collection ever since.

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A tale of three bags

It was my birthday on Monday and my lovely friends and family really outdid themselves - my handbag collection got completely refreshed. I got three new bags, two of which I’d wanted for ages and the other one will make a great addition to my ‘going out’ selection.
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Blogalutions check in

If you have read my blog from the 'beginning' you may remember after a few shaky attempts at blogging I wanted to take it more seriously so I set myself some 'Blogalutions'.

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My new favourite trousers- OOTD

Hi lovely followers,

It's been another couple of crazy weeks - I feel like I haven't stopped since Easter. Between work being super hectic, planning to move house and planning my birthday and a hen party I haven't been as regular of my blog as I'd like.

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My unexpected hero mascara

Mascaras are one of those products you don't have to spend big on to get high quality. Of course there are the 'Hypnose's and 'Doll Eyes' of the world which are exceptional but I think if you're on a limited budget, as far as I'm concerned mascara is the first thing to trade down.

I am always trying different brands because I feel like advertising for mascaras can be extremely misleading and therefore unhelpful.I came across 'Thick and Fast' by Soap and Glory in their annual big box of everything, and was excited to try as it was a product I'd not heard of and would never have picked up in the shops.

Whilst the packaging is simple (boring even?) it boasts 'super volume' and it definitely didn't disappoint. In just a few short flicks I had amazing length and volume and despite my horrendous technique I got absolutely no clumping. It was really easy to build up and I'm so pleased with the result. The brush and packaging didn't look special at all but just proves that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I'll definitely be repurchasing when this one runs out - at just £10 it would be rude not to!

What do you think of Soap and Glory's make-up offering? Any other stand out products?

N xx

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Met Gala 2014 - Best and Worst Dressed

Last night was the night of the year every fashion hungry girl would have sold their right arm for an invitation to - the Met Gala. Hosted by Anna Wintour herself, the guest list definitely reads as 'who is who' of the A-list celebrity world. Of course with any exclusive celebrity event comes the good, the bad and the ugly of fashion. I've picked a couple of the best and the worst to show you here.

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A way to wear neon - OOTD

// Cardigan - H&M // Vest - Tesco // Jeans - New Look // Jelly Sandals - Primark //

Neon is one of those trends I've never really learnt to rock. On my search for jelly shoes and with a miraculous H&M find I finally found my chance.

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The McBusted Tour (spoilers)

If you follow me on Twitter, have seen this post or know me at all you will know I am a HUGE Mcfly fan. And before that I was a huge Busted fan. Between them they can lay claim to nearly all of my favourite songs and they prove that pop can be credible, meaningful and fun all at the same time. Anyone who is has been a long standing fan like I am will understand how important the super band really is knowing that the two bands histories are so deeply intertwined.

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt the show was the best thing I have ever seen. Having been to every one of Mcfly's tours as well as numerous outdoor dates and Busted tour dates before that, this exceeded every one of them.

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Bank Holiday Night Out Outfit

I'm actually loving these short weeks - although life is flying by. Over the Easter weekend I was absolutely crazy busy, going to Ryan's family in Plymouth for a few days before stopping in Bournemouth on the way back for some party time and for my first instalment of the McBusted tour.

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