A tale of three bags

It was my birthday on Monday and my lovely friends and family really outdid themselves - my handbag collection got completely refreshed. I got three new bags, two of which I’d wanted for ages and the other one will make a great addition to my ‘going out’ selection.

 The first of my amazing bags is this black leather satchel from The Leather Satchel Company. I wish there was such a thing as smell blogging (smlogging?) because I can’t describe how amazing this smells. I've never owned anything real leather before and you can just tell the quality. It’s so sturdy and carefully made I just know it’s going to last and last. For me this is a great ‘work’ bag as it goes with so much of my working wardrobe. My only problems with it are that it’s quite teeny for a day bag, so my huge River Island purse takes up the whole thing leaving no room for my other hoarding needs. I’m not sure it can withstand all I need for a day without having to downsize my purse/makeup/brush/all of the above. Also whilst the buckle fittings on the front are gorgeous I think they’re pretty fiddley for getting things in and out on a regular basis which again is not great for someone like me who is always fishing around. Overall I love the quality and look I think I just need some better habits.


The second bag you may recognise from my wishlist here (apologies for the non original pic - for some reason I couldn't get it to look right). It’s my first River Island bag after years of lusting after them and I’m so besotted with it. It’s my favourite pastel pink shade that I’ve been buying non-stop and the gold chain detail just sold it to me as it's kind of 'rosey' and since I got my Michael Kors watch I’ve been obsessed with that kind of finish. This bag is the perfect size for me as I love to bring the kitchen sink out and about with me ‘just incase’. I’m hoping it will be the same quality my RI purses have been so it will just last and last. This will go with practically everything in my spring wardrobe and I have the feeling we are going to be inseparable.

The last bag is this gorgeous cream clutch from Dorothy Perkins. Again the size is so perfect because I love to have everything with me without having to take a proper bag out. I like to keep my going out bags in neutral colours so I can change them up between outfits as I like to keep the bright colours in my outfit. I have never had a bag from DP’s before so I’ll report back on how well it lasts.

So what do you think? Which is your favourite? Think I’ve truly satisfied my handbag cravings for a while now!

N xx 

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  1. love this last bag <3

  2. Thanks, road tested it this weekend safe to say it's fab!x


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