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If you have read my blog from the 'beginning' you may remember after a few shaky attempts at blogging I wanted to take it more seriously so I set myself some 'Blogalutions'.

Now, just over 3 months since this post I've managed to maintain regular if not semi-regular posting and am pretty happy with the writing element of what I'm putting out there. But I have found in recent weeks my inspiration has been kind of lack lustre. I've been so busy I'm finding it hard to write and when I do, I've doubted all my own post ideas, and I am so self conscious about my photos and design in general. 

It seems like every blogger these days has a professional quality camera and lighting set up but when you don't have the money or the time during daylight to take these amazing photos it sometimes feels like your blog won't be taken as seriously. 

I also worry that when I can't afford new releases, and am buying well loved products - I can't write about them because everyone will have already done it to death. 

I think for the next phase of my blogging chapter I'm going to focus on two things: 

1. Until I can save up for the camera I would like, learn more about optimising iPhone photos and how to get the best out of the light I have. Also learn to be organised during any window of time I have to take photos in a good light. Learn more about HTML and tweak my design so I'm happier with it.

2. Concentrate on taking an original stance on content, even when I don't have 'original' products available. Finding interesting things to say about every day life doesn't have to be expensive.

Does anybody have any advice for me? How do you get out of a blogging rut?

N x 

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