L'Oreal Colour Infallible - Review

L'Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow

When it comes to drugstore makeup brands, personally I think you can’t get better than L’Oreal Paris. I originally went like a child of the pied piper following where Cheryl Cole led and since then it’s been hard to find a product which disappointed me. One I particularly love are their eyeshadows. I originally got a ‘Colour Appeal’ in a gift set and have built up my collection ever since.

Likewise I got my first ‘Colour Infallible’ in one of the sample sets they gave away one Christmas and loved it so much when I spotted a few shades in Asda’s bargain bin (for just £1) I knew I had to add them to the collection. So now the shades I own are 002 – Hourglass Beige, 012 – Endless Chocolat, 006 – All Night Blue, 005 – Purple Obsession.

The shadows come in loose powder form, but come with a flat disk so that you can press them if you’d rather which I thought was kind of interesting. They are all shimmer shades and as you can see three of them are extremely pigmented. The beige shade is really pretty, but it is a really light colour so I’d use it more as a base or highlighter.

L'Oreal Color Infallible Swatches
The brown is lovely and dark and would work fantastic in a smokey eye look, I do think it might be a bit heavy all over. I absolutely love the purple and blue, I can’t choose between them as they are just so pretty. I think they are a lovely subtle way to inject some colour into your makeup. The purple would probably suit me better as it compliments my green eyes well. The only problem is that because they are fairly loose there is a lot of fall out so you can be quite gentle with the brush you use.

What's your favourite L’Oreal product? Let me know what you think of these shades in the comments.

N xx


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