The McBusted Tour (spoilers)

If you follow me on Twitter, have seen this post or know me at all you will know I am a HUGE Mcfly fan. And before that I was a huge Busted fan. Between them they can lay claim to nearly all of my favourite songs and they prove that pop can be credible, meaningful and fun all at the same time. Anyone who is has been a long standing fan like I am will understand how important the super band really is knowing that the two bands histories are so deeply intertwined.

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt the show was the best thing I have ever seen. Having been to every one of Mcfly's tours as well as numerous outdoor dates and Busted tour dates before that, this exceeded every one of them.

The Support Acts

The support acts weren't much to write home about with the exception of 'E of E' (find them on Twitter here) who opened the show with an kick ass mash up of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Billy Jean and were like Mcfly with a slightly rougher edge. The other bands Young Brando and The 3 Dudes were all of a similar sound - YB more rocky, whilst T3D had more of a American pop-punk sound. Young Brando had some technical problems in Bournemouth when I first saw them which sounded a lot better by Nottingham but I still wasn't blown away. The 3 dudes were clearly talented for their age (13-15!) but it was a bit of a racket as I can't stand the American drawl singing voice and their stage patter ("Nottingham/Bournemouth girls are hot!") was a bit uncomfortable for me.

The Show

Normally Mcfly's shows are mostly about the music, rather than showy production values. Occasionally they will have their name in lights in some way but props are kept few and far between. Not this time! The show opened with Matt and James descending on a Delorean (Back to the Future car FYI) whilst Mcfly were shot up through the floor. The show was separated by short, funny video interludes which just highlight how well they all compliment each other and the sense of humour they all share. Danny's raspy vocals fill in for HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMEDS' perfectly and I loved what a refresh it gave to Busted's music.

The songs were weighted heavily towards Busteds' but given that fans have been deprived of them for 10 years I was happy with that weighting. Every one of Mcfly's songs were sang loudly with heart the whole way through by the audience which is a testament to how well they have done. Of the two shows I attended, Nottingham was large enough to accommodate the 'OMFG stage' and so the second time I was treated to a completely different show where the boys could get even closer to the audience and at one point performed on a UFO B-Stage in the middle (I'm gutted they couldn't do this in Bournemouth).

They covered all the big hits from both bands as well as some lesser known (to some) gems. The show was full of energy and excitement as well as the unexpected in the form of confetti, streamers, giant inflatable balls being sent out into the audience to play with. The show ended on arguably the biggest song between the two bands - Busted's 'Year 3000' whilst three inflatable breasts hung from the ceiling.

The Highlights 

For me, songwise, the highlights would have to be Busted's 'Nerdy' - on a UFO no less - and 'Britney' as they are both songs I hadn't seen performed live before and I love them both. There was also a great moment we saw some of the boys without guitars performing boyband style 'Don't Blame it on the Sunshine' which was hilarious and yet strangely good. 'Sleeping with the Light on' was amazing and had the whole audience in awe which continued throughout the show. The thing I loved most of all was the dynamic between the guys and the fact they all looked absolutely ecstatic to be there. You couldn't wipe the grin from Matt Willis face as he looked out into the audience and saw them singing along to the songs he'd left 10 years ago and that was priceless.

If you're going, believe when I saw you are in for something special. I'm sad my experience is over for this tour - although I'm tempted to check for some last minute tickets when they're back down south at the end of the month. If you aren't going, take a look at my Youtube where I have put up a couple of videos of my favourite moments.

N xx

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  1. The atmosphere must have been amazing! I'd love to see McBusted perform live.

  2. They were amazing!!! They are playing some summer shows so if you have the chance you should definitely check them out x


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