Top 10 ultimate roadtrip songs

Over the last month or so I have spent so much time in a car. Back and forth between Cambridge, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Norfolk it has left me a lot of time to perfect my on the road playlist. Driving can be so boring so I thought I'd share with you my favourite tunes to cruise along to.

Hanson - Lost without Eachother

Bit of a random choice for my first one but ever since this popped up on a TOTP compilation CD when I was a teen I have actually loved it. One of their lesser known tracks it's so summery and poppy and I challenge you to listen to the chorus without smiling.

Paramore - Still in to you 

Arguably there are several of Paramore's tracks that I could have happily included in this list (Misery Business has long been my 'Angry Driving Song'- dangerous?) but I love this one to sing along to and there's some great belty bits.

One Direction - Diana

I am unashamedly a huge 1D fan. They're so easy listening and have perfect 'sing-a-long' songs. This is an album track from their latest offering and it's by far my favourite one of their song and the chorus makes you want to drive with the windows right down (until you start getting funny looks anyway...).

Kanye West - Gold Digger

Kanye is of course the rapper every body loves to hate but the addition of Jamie Foxx to this song makes it completely unskippable to me. Best part about listening in the car is that no one can hear you whilst you practice getting every word of the raps right, ready to use as a party trick.

Jack's Mannequin - The Mixtape

JM are literally one of my favourite bands of all time, and if you haven't heard of them you need to give this track a listen. The combination of piano and brilliant lyrics is absolutely perfect  and this track has just enough kick to keep you moving.

Mcfly - Shine a Light

I couldn't do a playlist post without mentioning my boys, my favourites Mcfly. Whilst all of their songs make their way onto playlists regularly, this one is my favourite for driving because it's got extra sing-along factor as well as parts you can chant. Also you get that killer intro to warn you to turn the volume up!

Blink 182 - Another Girl, Another Planet

This one you may recognise from a Vodafone ad if you're not a Blink fan. Like Paramore I think any of their songs would sit comfortably in a driving playlist but this is my favourite, it's so fun and got that chorus that makes you want to speed.

Professor Green feat. Ed Drewett - I need you tonight 

Another one to help me get the rap battle practice out. I LOVE the modern spin on the INXS classic and the lyrics are genius - so witty.

Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty

This is the first song that goes on when driving to get ready for a night out. It properly puts you in the mood for dancing and you can do your best to impersonate THAT Bollywood-esque bit of the tune (you know which one I mean) without anyone to laugh at you.

New Found Glory - My friends over you

This one was a toss up between this track and Hit or Miss but this one just pipped it to the post with it's feel good message. Like all pop-punk its got great guitar, great chorus and of course the all important sing along loudly factor.

So there we have it - my top 10 ultimate driving roadtrip songs. You can find them all together in a playlist here on my Youtube channel.  Any you think I've missed off? I'd love to hear what songs get you in the mood for driving?

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