Whats in my bag? May 2014 edition

I love seeing these posts, it's like being given a free pass to nosy around people's bags. As you have seen in this post birthday bag post, I have recently got a lovely new one for work that I thought I'd let you nosy round.

As I mention in the bag post, this is a beautiful birthday gift that all my friends clubbed together for. It's from the Leather Satchel Company, and is so simple and classic. There's not as much as you would find in most of my bags as space is very limited, but it helps me to be choosy with what I'm lugging around.

 My iphone 5s and my purse is from River Island you will find in whichever bag I'm carrying. This is actually my work phone that I've been having to use full time since my other iPhone got stolen in Paris. It's a slightly newer model which is nice but it's sad having lost one, with all it's memories. I'm not one to switch up purses I usually just wear one to death until it dies of old age. River Island are my go to as their purses always look cute, classy and are always big enough to store all my receipts and loyalty cards. This one needs an update as it's going a bit brassy but I'd like to keep it as long as I can. This one hasn't been in store for ages, but there is a similar one I have my eye on here.

I Usually I'd carry my whole makeup bag around with me for a day, as I am prone to love a good touch up ... But sadly this bag leaves me having to me a bit more conservative. I just take out the essentials - my Lancome kohl liner (to top up my smoky eye) and MAC's Lady Danger/Ruby Woo incase I'm going out after work and fancy injecting some glamour. The compact is the Urban Decay Naked ultra definition pressed finishing powder. I was looking for something to keep my makeup on and without shine and decided to purchase this after the lovely Zoella gave it a rave review. It's great for the handbag because it has a lovely mirror and sponge included.

Chewing gum is a must for the bag incase of eating something stinky and the scratch card is waiting to be claimed for a £5 win. I'm not usually a big gambler but occasionally when I'm feeling lucky I pick up one of the cheaper ones to try my luck - bit of 5 second excitement.

These are the paraphinalia I need to get about my life. I have my ID badge from work which I've attached to a lanyard to stop me losing it absolutely everywhere and getting told off by the receptionists of my building. Then my ridiculous bunch of keys which include essentials such as my house and car keys, and my clubcard and then non essential souvenirs from a night out with my bestie, Paris (so cute - Eiffel Tower with a blue bow) and several trips to Colchester Zoo (both keyrings are monkeys - I love them!).

Other items I can never go without are a hairbrush - I love a paddle brush especially with extensions it makes life so much easier being able to keep them in check all day. I have actually made use of one the handle has snapped off of, it's great as it takes up less space. I also usually have a bottle of perfume in there although I didn't manage to get it in the photos. Usually for taking to work I switch beween the classic CK One, and Katy Perry's 'Meow'. I wouldn't have bought the KP one myself, it was a gift and is probably a bit too fruity for me but it is just a nice light scent to take you through the day.

So there it is the compact contents of my bag. Have you done one of these posts? If so please leave your links in the comments, I love to be nosy!

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