Affordable, simple skincare saviours

Affordable simple skincare

Skincare isn't something you will usually hear me talking too much about, whilst my skin isn't luminescent and beautiful I have never really had 'problem' skin - it's just always been fairly average all round. I was very lazy, strictly a facewipe type until I read something I think by an old old work colleague of mine you may have heard of Zoe London and she said something along the lines that skin is the most important thing because it's the base of everything else and it just kind of rang true to me.

Now I know myself, and with the best will in the world I would not be able to keep up with something costly and time consuming so I decided to stick to the age old mantra 'cleanse-tone-moisturise'. I'd never have said I am a particular skin type but at this point \I was going through a stage where my skin was constantly really dry and tight. So I was on the lookout for products aimed at normal-dry when I stumbled across this dynamic duo from Garnier - their 'Goodbye Dry' softening cleansing lotion and toner. 

Garnier Goodbye Dry

I can't tell you what a difference they've made - my skin is now totally out of the dry woods and my face feels so fresh every time I use them. They just need applying to a cotton pad and wiping all over to do wonders so it's great for a low maintenance lover like me.My face feels so soft and I feel like I've got some colour back.I think I got the last generation of these but you can find the updated versions here and here  and at Tesco they're only £2 at the moment so really non committal if you're just figuring skincare out like me.

MAC complete comfort cream
The other product I wanted to talk about was my Mac 'Complete Comfort Cream'. My first experience of this was when I went into MAC to buy a foundation and one of the lovely MUA's applied it to me and I was surprised to see such a lovely finish from it. Fast forward a couple of months to after a Montagne face pack left my face in a dry blotchy rash I needed something to inject some serious love into my skin fast. My mind darted back to this cream and I headed straight down to Mac to pick it up. At around £24 it was more than I'd ever spent on a moisturiser but it's so worth it. My face was back to normal with in days and better than normal not long after that. Not only does it make your face feel amazingly soft and smooth but it has an amazing fresh cucumber smell which is a favourite of mine and just reminds me of being really clean and awake.

So right now these three musketeers have teamed up to leave me with a pretty good 'my first skincare' routine. Now actually my face is probably leaning towards more of a oily type, so I think I'm going to pick up some different products to use as the weather gets warmer. I'd love to hear your suggestions! What do you think are the essential beginners skincare products? 

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