L'Oreal glam bronze eau de soleil - review

L'oreal glam bronze eau de soleil

Happy Sunday readers, It was payday Friday and along with it came this months little splurge in Boots. I wanted to try out some Kim K style contouring so I headed to the L'Oreal counter to pick up a couple of foundations to try it with. At the till I discovered not only was it 3 for 2 on L'Oreal, but you get a free gift when spending over £20 - their 'Glam Bronze Eau de Soleil'.

The sales assistant described it as a liquid bronzer, which was something I haven't really come across before but considering I can never make powder look natural all over I was really intrigued to try it. I applied it over foundation with my RT buffing brush. It's quite thin so you have to tip it out quite carefully but it feels light so nice and light on. I can't believe I never knew about this product before I literally love how healthy and glowing it made my face look.

L'oreal glam bronze eau de soleil swatch sample
Unlike a lot of bronzing products it doesn't contain any shimmer and I didn't find it orangey at all. It was such a great alternative to powder bronzer for me, as someone with quite dry skin.

Have you ever tried liquid  bronzer before? I'm now a enthusiastic convert! If you're near Boots, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

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L'oreal glam bronze eau de soleil tested


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