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Now I have always loved a bargain, I think the reason my house is so full of junk because I can't say no to that 99p garden gnome (despite not actually having a garden). However, when it comes to make-up I can be quite dubious about high street stores turning their hand to try it. I had a disastrous experience a few years ago with a Primark eyeshadow palette and have stayed clear ever since.

Enter this lipstick in amongst a cute little birthday box my friend Alice put together for me. We both lamented the lack of a fuschia lipstick in our lives and she came to my rescue. Today I braved wearing it out of the house for the first time and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. It goes on really nice and smoothly and is not at all drying to the lips. I was surprised how sheer it came on because the colour in the bullet is so strong, so it needed a good three goes over to get the full pink with a satin finish.

Now it did fade within an hour or two, but at a steal price of £1 you can afford to top up throughout the day. Whilst I wouldn't say it's a game changer I think it would be a good one to pick up to top up your lipstick on a night out so you could leave your Candy Yum Yum at home (if you're like me it would end up in a nightclub toilet - sad when its £16). Shadewise I couldn't find what this one was called, however am not convinced it's warm enough to work with my colouring but it's a cute colour maybe for someone more tanned?

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  1. jasmine turner18:14

    Gorgeous shade, suits you!

    xprincessjas | xx


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