The best summer hair accessories

I am, and always have been a girly girl at heart and at the core of any girl worth her weight in pink are hair accessories. Over the years I've dabbled with it all - bandanas, hair bands, bows, ribbons, flowers and secretly (and not so secretly) loved it all. Much to my great pleasure, 90's style hair adornments have firmly made a come back. After having a bit of mini spree for my hair the other day I thought I'd share with you my favourite bits that will be holidaying on my head this summer.

I'll start with head bands. I usually only wear them to keep my hair out of my face because I feel like they make my face look rounder. I had to make an exception for these two cuties. Both from Primark for around £3, they're both so delicate and girly. Bows are my FAVOURITE 'motif' and I couldn't resist adding another item my collection.

Flower garlands should be approached with caution - I think they got seriously overdone a couple of years ago and could look try hard. I think to pull them off you have to keep the rest of your outfit simple and they work best with loose beach waved hair. I would prefer one set in wire so I could wear it more like a crown as thats less irritating to my head - but for some reason I haven't seen any like that this year. The white one here is from New Look and the pink is from Primark, both £4 and I especially like the pink with my blonde hair.

I couldn't mention summer hair accessories without talking about scrunchies... These are best worn in 90's inspired extremely high ponies and half ponies and I just love them. As most of my wardrobe is pastels at the moment these would slot in nicely. They are from New Look for £3 and I'm especially looking forward to wearing the mint one with my mint blazer. I have also included a cute little rose clip also from New Look which looks best slotted into the middle size of a soft tousled down style. I went through a phase when there was a girl in Celeb BB (Katya I think her name was?) who had gorgeous blonde hair and a different flower in it every day and I was obsessed with doing the same so I had one in every colour!

What are you wearing in your hair this summer? I would love to know if you guys have spotted a flower crown on wire!

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