Something 'O-Mighty' Kitch

o-mighty, best, pieces, ryan gosling pillow, clueless backpack, princess co-ordinates, cartoon swear pants, young leonardo dicaprio iphone case,

If you're easily offended, look away now. I have a little known Singapore clothing store that likes to do things a little differently. O-Mighty clothing first got my attention when I saw Youtuber Acacia Brinley sporting some of their unique swimwear but they've also been seen on the likes of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Georgia May Jagger - after a little investigate I think they're absolute genius, if not massively cheeky.

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Cocktail making masterclass at Soda Bar Cardiff

Good evening blog buddies... I apologise for my absence this weekend - although with very good reason. I was in Cardiff celebrating my best girls hen party. As maid of honour it was my job to put on the best party I possibly good that would suit her down to the ground.

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Preview: Boohoo a/w China Blue collection

Boohoo China Blue Autumn Winter Chunky Scarf Printed Dress

Happy Friday muchachos! For todays post I want to give you a little peek into the autumn winter pieces being added to Boohoo's china blue collection that the lovely people at Boohoo shared with me. If you were with me earlier in the week you'd have seen my OOTD featuring a paisley shift dress from the summer collection and from looking at the latest images I know I'll be buying more.

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

real techniques expert face brush

Before you sigh at yet another review of this hugely popular brush I'd like to tell you, this isn't your typical review. I was poised keyboard under fingers to write about my bad experiences with the brush but now I'd more like to share my thoughts on it with the benefit of hindsight.

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Rixton Live at Hyde Park BST

Rixton Live

Hi all, a passion of mine that occurs a little less often in this blog is music. I'm not going to pretend I know how to break a band, or that I have the most unique, quirky tastes but I love it all the same so I thought I'd share my thoughts on some guys that are about to make it big. I went to BST in Hyde Park a couple of weeks ago to support my one true loves McBusted but as the day drew closer it became apparent the lineup was actually pretty stellar. In addition to them was 5ive, Lawson, The Vamps, Backstreet Boys and Wheatus amongst others. This lead to some pretty hard decisions when planning our day but when it came around unfortunately 5ive and Lawson couldn't play so we took the chance to check one of the lesser known bands - Rixton,

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China Blue paisley OOTD

Boohoo paisley shift dress, navy white lace, primark bag, jewellery, river island white cleated sole platforms, summer, outfit style,
Dress - Boohoo
Bag - Primark
Shoes - River Island 
Watch - Michael Kors
Jewellery - Primark

I hope your Monday is treating you well so far my darlings! This weekend I got a lovely package in the form of some fantastic bits I ordered from Boohoo. After an email landed in my inbox this week kindly letting me know about a 20% off promotion (did anybody see it?) I thought it was about time I made another order. After getting my bits on SUNDAY - for no extra cost which I find excellent by the way - I fell in love with one particular dress and wore it out that day. 
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6 tips for battling thin, flat hair

Happy Sunday blog buddies, I was a bit stuck for a post today so I thought I would share some wisdom I have gained from years of dull lifeless hair. Naturally my hair is so so thin but I love big voluminous hair so I'm always looking for ways I can glam it up. Here are my top 5 tips for achieving some more inches in your mane.

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The British Tag

the british tag

TGIF blogger buddies, I hope you're all getting geared up for a lovely weekend. For todays post I'm stealing an idea from Lily Pebbles YT video - 'The British Tag'. As I've not stepped into the scary world of Youtube yet I thought I'd do mine written - you will just have to imagine me in my red, white and blues sipping on a cup of PG's finest tips.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?
Hmm I do love tea but this is definitely seasonal as I cannot stand hot drinks in the heat. I'd say on a winters day I could do about 5, but if it's hot I'd switched to iced tea and then when I'm feeling like I need a detox it's Twinings fruit infusion green tea. Definitely no sugar! My nan used to say if you're not ready to have tea without sugar, you're not ready to have tea...

2. Favourite part of your roast
YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS! But I actually don't like the proper crispy type ones, I like them when they're all over sized and doughy. Although cauliflower cheese and stuffing are a very close 2nd!! 

3. Favourite dunking biscuit
Anything chocolate - I tend to like a bourbon because they can go deep and have good staying power. Choc varieties of cookie, hobnob, digestive are also acceptable.
cocktails in teacups revolution clapham junction
I'm not sure that's a cup of tea actually.... But we drink everything out of teacups!
4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
Hmm... Not sure I have one! Although I do like to while away an afternoon in a pub garden. I also LOVE going to the races - that's pretty British isn't it?! 

5. Favourite word?
What a random question - I love words! 'Babe' has been a long time favourite of mine but I also like really unnecessarily long words that sound really dramatic - eg: besmirching, jobsworth, fraternising, 

6. Cockney rhyme slang?
Dog and Bone guvnor!! Or Jack Jone (own). My dad grew up that way so he is full of them.

7. Favourite sweet
Not actually a big sweet fan - I'm all about the chocolate. Anything with peanut butter and I'm sold although that's not very British... 

sunny pub garden
I love a pub garden!
8. What would your pub be called?
I love really funny ones - there's one round the corner from me called 'Sir Loin of Beef' which I find hilarious. Although I'd give in to something really girlie and sickly sweet like 'The Pink Princess' ha ha- and it would be modelled on the +Benefit Cosmetics UK  pub! 

9. No.1 British person
Hmm this is a tough one because there's so many to choose from - probably Danny Jones from Mcfly because I just love him - and them and they make me proud to be a Brit. Ed Westwick is also an excellent example.

10. Favourite shop / restaurant
I can't afford to shop there too often but I think +TED BAKER are a great example of a great British brand and their merchandising just feels so British to me. In store the decor feels so unique, and sort of 'foresty'. 

11. What British song pops into your head?
Weirdly when you say 'British' songs it tends to be football type chants that pop in my head... I think the first one was 'Glory, Glory Man United' although 'Home is Where the Heart is' is my favourite one of that type. I also think of indie music as really British... 

12. Marmite.
NO NO NO NO. Unless it's crisps... 

So there you have it - am I a good enough Brit? I would like to now tag everyone reading - please leave me a link if you have done it on your blog or on Youtube. If you enjoy my posts, I'd love it if you followed me: bloglovin // twitter - until next time.

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Orange lip trend feat Mac Morange

Orange lip trend face of the day - mac morange, urban decay naked 2, they're real, teint idole ultra lancome, rimmel exaggerate liner, hocus focus soap and glory, l'oreal bronzerOrange lip trend face of the day - mac morange, urban decay naked 2, they're real, teint idole ultra lancome, rimmel exaggerate liner, hocus focus soap and glory, l'oreal bronzer

Good evening lovelies! One look I have been trying to perfect for a while is the redorange lip (see here). I bought Lady Danger a couple of months ago which I do absolutely love but I felt it still wasn't as orange toned as I'd have liked. Cue the wonderful Cohorted who I have already mentioned once this week, and their offering of Mac's Morange for only £12 - is this the answer to my orange prayers?

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A first time for trousers

Date night outfit - H&M light blue chiffon crop top primark paisley print pastel trousers river island white cleated sole platforms
Top - H&M
Printed Trousers - Primark
Cleated Sole Platforms - River Island
Watch - Michael Kors

The post marks the reappearance of my favourite trousers but I'm ashamed to say it's for the last time. This is the outfit I wore Saturday night for tapas and a few drinks with my besties who were down for the weekend. I felt a bit nervous about it because I just don't do crop tops or trousers on a night out - I never feel dressed up enough - but after much assurance from my bestie that I didn't look like a beached whale, and feeling very comforted by the wide panel of elastic holding my tummy in I braved it. 
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Urban Decay Electric Palette Review and Swatches

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Last week I got a very exciting email from my favourite new website Cohorted. The idea behind it is by buying in bulk you can get a better price, so once you're signed up you have the chance to join 'cohorts' to buy your favourite make-up at discounted prices. My email announced that amongst this weeks items was Urban Decay's latest palette the 'Electric'.

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The summer fashion edit

the summer edit mesh panel lavish alice love sasha co ordinates scarf print river island bikini
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Nobody puts baby (pink swing dress) in a corner ootd

Boohoo pink faux leather swing dress river island white cleated sole platforms pink bag gold chain
Bag - +River Island 
Shoes - River Island

Good morning lovelies, I haven't done many fashion posts lately because my work have got super strict about the dress code so haven't really been feeling like myself in my outfits lately. This Saturday me and Ryan decided to go out down to Port Solent and I took any opportunity I could to dress up.

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7 things to do before i'm 30

A couple of months ago it was with much upset that I turned 24. I don't know why ageing is such a scary thing to me - I love birthdays, I have had wrinkles since I was 12 and I love being a 'grown up' but I look all around me and see what other people my age are doing/have done and I just feel so behind. Now, youth seems like so much more of a commodity than it ever has and if you have set of down the track you wanted by the time you're 21 it's too late. At 24 it feels too late for me to learn a language, or an instrument, go to Kavos and drink questionable cocktails, become famous and oh so many other ridiculous things. I have been reflecting a lot about what I might have missed lately until I read something interesting - Vivienne Westwood didn't show her first runway collection until she was 41. 

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Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and Mask

Ever since I got my Beauty Works hair extensions I have been on a major mission to try and find the best way to look after them. After much research and reading I gathered that 'drugstore' shampoo is probably the worst thing you can put hair extensions through so I set about investing in some salon shampoo. I get my hair done by Jason at HQ Hair in Chichester so they were my first port of call when I needed advice. One of the lovely girls there recommended Redken's 'Diamond Oil' range. As I'd previously used morrocan oil to great effect I figured this could be the hydrating, nourishing answer to my prayers and went home with this pamper pack including the shampoo and the deep facets mask which I seem to remember being around £20 on offer in salon.

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Rosie's Vineyard - Southsea

I have never done a restaurant post before but I just had to tell you about a little place I went on Monday night. I realise a lot of bloggers are in the north or London but should you ever find yourself in Portsmouth - say hello to me first - then get yourself over to Rosie's.

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Sleek lip palette in 'Siren'

Hello beauties! Happy Saturday! I have been meaning to blog about this product for a while but it managed to sneak into the bottom of my makeup drawer to go forgotten until now. Sleek have got absolutely huge in the last year or so, their product offering and price point is so right that they can do no wrong in many bloggers eyes. I was attracted to this lip palette when on the search for the right 'redorange' by the 'Kiss Me' shade but they are all very wearable to me.

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My time in Paris

Eiffel Tower Visit and View

Bonjour! This post is so over due as I was waiting on another friends photos but a few months back I took a trip with some girl friends to Paris. I love any chance to get away and see a new place and Paris was on my list for so long. I imagined this romantic city full of couples, gorgeous boutiques and tiny little artisan bakeries. We didn't do much research before we went because we thought these things would litter the street.

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Northbrooke College Fashion Show

I've just moved to a new area and have been looking for new things to do in the area that can help me meet some new people. After seeing a shout out by Northbrooke College student designer Lauren Nash for helpers for their charity fashion show at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton, I thought I'd give it a go and take the chance to see what England's up and coming designers are looking like.
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Eyelid primer stand off - Benefit 'Stay don't Stray' VS Urban Decay 'Primer Potion'

I'm quite new to the world of eyelid primers, but as an avid smokey eye enthusiast anything that can help mine last a little longer is fine by me. So when on the look out for a great option - I went to my go to favourite brands - +Benefit Cosmetics and +Urban Decay Cosmetics. I actually had 'Stay Don't Stray' from a gift set of minis I'd got a while back but didn't really understand what it did. I picked up the much raved about Primer Potion when I got my second Naked palette to help it go the distance. As I was deciding which one to try first I had the idea to put them to the test. Here is what I found.
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Saturday night Sandy

Good morning lovelies, I hope the week is treating you well so far. I just thought I'd take a moment to share with you my outfit from this Saturday night. Ryan and I had our best friends over to stay and we were headed off out to celebrate another friends birthday.

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