6 tips for battling thin, flat hair

Happy Sunday blog buddies, I was a bit stuck for a post today so I thought I would share some wisdom I have gained from years of dull lifeless hair. Naturally my hair is so so thin but I love big voluminous hair so I'm always looking for ways I can glam it up. Here are my top 5 tips for achieving some more inches in your mane.

1. It's all in the blowdry. Giving your hair a proper blowdry is so important to adding some life. I tend to start by blow drying most of the wet off upside down then working section by section, wrapping hair around a round brush and pulling upwards to a vertical angle then positioning the dryer at the root then spraying with a maximum hold spray. If you're terrible with technique like me, getting a heated brush like this one from Tres Semme makes it super easy.

2. Backcombing/teasing. This might give you scary visions of super emo hair but when done carefully this is a great way to give your hair a little boost. I tend to use a thin toothed comb about a 1/4 way down my hairline then smooth over the top but you can get special soft bristled brushes for doing it which are much kinder to your hair.

3. The right hairspray. With so much on the market it's easy to feel overwhelmed by choice when looking for a hairspray but I can't tell you what difference it has made to me investing in a good quality spray. My favourite is GHD 'Final Fix' - it smells AMAZING and is so lightweight and long lasting. It's pretty pricey at £9.95 for a 400ml can but it does last forever (my last one gave me 5 months with excessive use!).

4. Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo. I honestly go on about this to all my friends but I genuinely believe it's changed my hair life. A problem that usually goes in conjunction with having flat hair is hair that gets greasy quickly so dry shampoo has to be your best friend. I love that when sprayed and massaged into the root, it gives me hair a texture it just doesn't have naturally and a definite boost. This is a must have for flat haired girls.

5. A bump it! The ad is super cheesy but actually a valid point. Placing one of these bad boys strategically under your hair and boom theres the height you never had. Obviously these can look a bit 'Snooki' but you can get them from Poundland in packs of 5 in all different sizes for both dark and light hair so you can find one that looks natural or glam depending on the look your going for. I like the taller ones with a ponytail and then the smaller one when my hair is down. They even include little ones for a quiff!

6. The biggie - hair extensions! Controversial yes, but I really love hair extensions and think they're totally worth the investment. You can get them for all needs and budgets and it's a great way to get the hair you never had. I have high end Beauty Works weaved in which gives me the fuller long all week long which I love but they're very high maintenance. If you want the instant glam look you can get clip ins - Sleek Style Icon are a great budget brand with a huge range of shades and are real hair so you can style them exactly as you would your own. Or even easier, are ready styled hairpieces that you just pop over your crown whenever you need a bit of extra glam. Sally's Glitz Glam have a great selection and great prices.

So there we have it my definitive guide to big hair for us little people. Have you got any other tips I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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big blonde curly hair
I like when my hair goes like this!


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