Eyelid primer stand off - Benefit 'Stay don't Stray' VS Urban Decay 'Primer Potion'

I'm quite new to the world of eyelid primers, but as an avid smokey eye enthusiast anything that can help mine last a little longer is fine by me. So when on the look out for a great option - I went to my go to favourite brands - +Benefit Cosmetics and +Urban Decay Cosmetics. I actually had 'Stay Don't Stray' from a gift set of minis I'd got a while back but didn't really understand what it did. I picked up the much raved about Primer Potion when I got my second Naked palette to help it go the distance. As I was deciding which one to try first I had the idea to put them to the test. Here is what I found.

  Benefit Cosmetics 'Stay Don't Stray'

This tester is in a similar little pot to their high beam and cheek tints and Benefit describes this product as a 'dual action' primer and concealer. I would argue it's closer on the concealer side and comes out a mid nude colour and with a small applicator wand. Once applied to the whole eyelid it blended in seamlessly and you couldn't even see it was there (tick for concealer). I applied eyeshadow over the top (L'Oreal Colour Infallible) and I have to say it didn't go on as smoothly as usual and creased a little where I tried to blend but with a bit of extra time I got the look I wanted.

Urban Decay 'Primer Potion'

This comes in tube form and I have got to say, much like many of UD's offerings looks so cool and unique. I applied over my lid with my finger and I found definitely a little bit goes a long way. It was slightly lighter than my skin tone so it instantly had a brightening effect and blended very smoothly and more like other full face primers I've tried. The eye shadow applied perfectly over the top and I got to my desired look quickly.

The Winner

The photo below shows both eyes after 12 hours wear of the same shadow look and as you can see there is a clear winner - the Urban Decay. Whilst I enjoyed the little brush for application I think that was probably the only edge SDS had on Primer Potion in this case. Urban Decay's product is easy, pretty special and keeps your eye makeup in exactly the right place infinitely. I would definitely say SDS brings more to the table as a concealer offering and I think I will use it like that till it runs out although at a price of £20.50 I will not be repurchasing. In contrast, £16 for the primer potion seems like a downright bargain and I can't wait to try the other variations you get in sample form when you buy any Naked palette.

Have I missed any better primer? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I've only ever tried the Urban Decay primer which I got free with my Naked palette and I absolutely loved it!! I'm looking for a cheaper alternative now though :) Xx


  2. Nicola Simmons12:07

    Yeah, I think it's amazing and actually worth the money because it will last for ages. But let me know if you find a decent dupe!! xx


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