My time in Paris

Eiffel Tower Visit and View

Bonjour! This post is so over due as I was waiting on another friends photos but a few months back I took a trip with some girl friends to Paris. I love any chance to get away and see a new place and Paris was on my list for so long. I imagined this romantic city full of couples, gorgeous boutiques and tiny little artisan bakeries. We didn't do much research before we went because we thought these things would litter the street.

Aphrodite Statue at the Louvre

I have to say my experience of Paris was somewhat different to what I imagined, it was so much rougher than I was expecting and public places were plastered with warnings against pickpockets (rightly so as I had my iPhone taken on the last day). With it being all of our first time in Paris we did a lot of the touristy things: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Sacre Coeur (never seen so many stairs).

In front of the Arc De Triomphe

Through getting lost we managed to find a few little bakeries to stock up on macaroons and we were lucky that we paid a little more to stay by the Arc de Triomphe which happened to be one of the safer areas we encountered. We were kind of hoping to go out and sample some of Paris night life but because of what we got just going out during the day we were less keen to venture far from our hotel past dark so we ended up just staying local and having dinners but I love the cafe vibe - just sitting outside watching the world go by. We were super lucky the weather was lovely. On the last day we did some great retail therapy, my favourite part was browsing the amazing Tiffany's jewellery and even sampling one of their special Tiffany's macaroons in their house colours.

Cocktails at Le Flamme
Cocktails at Le Flamme
 Cocktails with marshmallow sweets in at Le Flamme

Food at Le Paradis Du Fruit
 Amazing healthy food right next to our hotel at Le Paradis Du Fruit - would really recommend. They don't even sell soda! 

Outside the Louvre
Statue gallery at the Louvre
Louvre Ceiling
Outside the Louvre in Paris
Outside the Louvre in Paris
  The beautiful Louvre

Macaroons in Paris
Macaroons in Paris
 The best part about Paris - The amazing macaroons.

At the Mona Lisa

The Moulin Rouge
 Sadly nothing like the film although would have loved to see a show.

Steps of Sacre Coeur
Blair Waldorf spot in Paris? 
The Love Wall - Paris
Love in many different languages.

Obviously most of these photos belong to both of my friends as I am now sans iphone but hopefully they capture some of Paris' beauty. I had to rethink some of my original outfit ideas as we did so much walking and queuing that I never could have managed it in heels, and I forgot to pack any pumps. Also as I mentioned (probably because we were a group of girls and we didn't see many) that we got a lot of weird attention so on the whole we went out much more covered up than we were planning to.

Anyway sorry for the super long post, hope you enjoyed my pics! I'm a bit gutted I didn't enjoy Paris as much as I was hoping to due to the roughness but I had a lovely time catching up with the girls and I'm glad I got to experience it.

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  1. Meg Casson11:32

    I am so envious, this would have been so amazing!

  2. Nicola Simmons12:26

    yeah it was a mixed experience, but I'm really glad i went! xx


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