7 things to do before i'm 30

A couple of months ago it was with much upset that I turned 24. I don't know why ageing is such a scary thing to me - I love birthdays, I have had wrinkles since I was 12 and I love being a 'grown up' but I look all around me and see what other people my age are doing/have done and I just feel so behind. Now, youth seems like so much more of a commodity than it ever has and if you have set of down the track you wanted by the time you're 21 it's too late. At 24 it feels too late for me to learn a language, or an instrument, go to Kavos and drink questionable cocktails, become famous and oh so many other ridiculous things. I have been reflecting a lot about what I might have missed lately until I read something interesting - Vivienne Westwood didn't show her first runway collection until she was 41. 

All of a sudden 24 seemed like a world of possibility and anyway you're only as young as you feel. Sure Taylor Swift was world famous when I was still spending every night on MSN messenger but there is still time (!). And with that in mind I wanted to write a list of things I want to do before I hit my next big milestone.

1. Road trip the USA 
I love America, I worked there for a summer in 2012 and despite many ups and downs I had the best time of my life. Whether it's alone or with a best friend I want to see more of it. Before I'm 30 I'd like to rent a car and spend a few weeks driving from coast to coast. 

2. Get my writing published 
As much as I can kid myself that hitting that orange 'publish' button at the end of a blogpost maikes me a professional writer, I'd really like to get some of my work out for the wider audience. I've always like to write both fiction and non-fiction and after a degree in English I'd love to see my name in lovely print.

3. Own designer handbag and shoes
Some people might read this and scoff at my materialism or at the fact I don't have them anyway but really I've grown up from a place where you just don't spend that money on that sort of thing. I love the idea of the luxury, the story and the confidence behind designer accessories and I really want to get into a position where I can have my own. I think my bag of choice would be the classic Chanel quilted flap bag and shoes would be (of course) Louboutins. 

4. Have a comfortable social life
I don't know how 'cool' this makes me but I've actually spent the last 3-4 years pretty lonely. I could probably write enough for a whole post on this subject but I'll try and keep it brief. After I upped and decided to leave my lovely network of Cambridge/Essex friends for love (and Uni) on  the south coast I've never really felt 'complete'. I'm a super outgoing person, and I'd spend every night socialising if I could but no matter how hard I've tried (joining clubs, volunteering, classes, extra jobs) I haven't been able to click with anyone - people I meet have their own lives, babies, marriages, houses, friends and I haven't found a way to fit in. Now I should clear up, I have had some lovely friends and an amazing boyfriend who is now my best friend but I miss that 'group of girly girls' dynamic and slowly every friend I have had down here has moved away. I love my friends from home but realistically I only see them when I have time to make the 2 hour journey up there - I can count on one hand the visits I have had. I just want a local group of girls to have girls nights out, pamper nights, dinners, exercise with who love clothes, makeup, music or all of the above because right now it's pretty lonely. 

5. Be in (or on the way to) my dream job
For those of you who don't know I work in marketing which means I'm already on the right track but what I really want is to be doing it in the fashion/beauty/music industry. I'm incredibly ambitious coupled with incredibly passionate and I really want to be able to have an outlet for it. I want to spend all day talking about the things I love with like minded people. I want to be able to express myself creatively and be on the front line of an industry I can really buy into. I'd love to be in the PR/publicity side of things because it incorporates all the elements of my current job I enjoy - networking, events and writing! 

 6. Go on one more 'up all night' girls holiday
I have had a couple amazing ones of these in my time but I think I need one last hurrah. Most of my friends haven't been freed up for a girls holiday in the last couple of years due to financial/relationship/energy commitments but I'd love to go on one more dance all night holiday. I'm not too fussed where as long as it's hot but I want to party and laugh until my sides hurt. 

7. Learn an instrument
For someone completely obsessed and immersed with music I actually have no discernible musical talent of my own (much to my regret). I tried when I was younger but for a number of reasons (money/laziness) I never kept at anything but I'd really like to try again. Piano or guitar would be my preference - now I just need to find someone with the patience of an angel to teach me. 

So there we have it! Hopefully you will follow me long enough to see me tick some of these boxes off. What's on the first leg of your bucket list? 

Until next time! 



  1. Emily Smith16:46

    It's such a great thing to make a list of your ambitions, it will help you keep track of it!

    I understand about the moving away thing, I didn't click with anyone when I moved away and it ultimately resulted in me leaving and coming back home, and now I am happier than ever on a different uni course. Don't pressure yourself to fit in with anyone, if it's meant to happen it will!

    Great post xxxx


  2. Nicola Simmons11:40

    Thank you for the comment hun!

    Yeah, I feel torn because I want the social life I had at home but I dont want the location or the job prospects (aka none). I just wish it was easier to meet people as an adult! xxx


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