MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers | Review & Swatches

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers, tranquility, aflush, matte, lipstain

Ever since my first swish of Ruby Woo I have been enamoured by a good matte lip. Any product which claims to give you that gloss free finish immediately gets my attention. The MUA Luxe Lip Laquers came on my radar after I'd seen them cited as a good dupe for Lime Crime's iconic Velvetines. Starting with the packaging, the frosted finish imitates LC's but is finished with MUA Luxe branding which personally I like a bit more than standard MUA. They come with a box which I find a bit overpackaged but hey that's just me.

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Backpacks are back (pack)

Tan backpack, gold zips, pockets, slouchy, primark, casual

Ever since I saw this beauty for the Ashish/Topshop collaboration I have been wanting a backpack. They go completely with my 90's love, they're super practical and really cute. Sadly I couldn't bring myself to spend £200, and even the £75 Graffea ones make me wince a little. I love big retro style pastel bags but I wanted one that could fill a hole in my collection.

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Back to school varsity fashion edit

Back to school varsity fashion edit, punk d image, asos, ichiban, topshop, heeled trainers, varsity jacket, baseball shirt
Jacket - Punk d'Image | Baseball Jersey - Ichiban | Trainers - Topshop
I covered back to school essentials last week so now I want to help you with some back to school fashion. Even if your school/uni days are far behind you, the varsity trend is a great way to relive the glory days.
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Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip gloss Review

Rimmel Stay Glossy, Lip gloss, Stay my Rose

That sticky feeling on your lips, constantly fishing my hair off of your face, people seeing their reflection in your lips... I don't have that many positive associations with lip gloss but whilst perusing the shelves of Walgreens in America, gob smacked at how cheap all the makeup was I came across a lip gloss I hadn't seen before - 'Stay Glossy' by Rimmel. I took it home because it was something ridiculous like $2 and from then I was converted.

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Mermaid hair with Bleach London Hair Crayons

Bleach London Hair Crayons, Rose, Bruised Violet

Hi all! I have been toying with the idea of dying my hair one of these cute pastel colours that have been everywhere for ages now. Given that having my hair blonde is pretty hard work as it is, I haven't wanted to take the plunge and dye it. Like I wrote about here, originally for old blog, I used one of the Bleach dyes to do my old clip in extensions to fairly decent results, they weren't quite exactly the look I was going for.

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Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Liner - review (good for beginners)

Soap and Glory Supercat liquid liner pen

Ah the gorgeous cat flick, the most difficult of all the beauty looks. Not only do you need a delicate, steady hand but you need the right formula and means of applying. A minefield I have been constantly trying to navigate ever since I started wearing makeup. I have eyeliner on the waterline, or under the eye down but for some reason I just can't seem to get lining the eyelid right. My eyes are very small so even being the slightest bit heavy handed makes me look like a drunk panda.

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Back to school shopping list

back to school, wishlist, shopping list, cath kidston, stationary, fashion, urban outfitters
(Centre then Clockwise) Backpack - Paperchase //  Earphone case - Happy Jackson // Storage Box - Happy Jackson //Pug Notebook - Wilkinsons // Banksy Travel mug - Internet gift store // Journal - Paperchase //  Lunch box - Happy Jackson //  Winking Pencilcase - Urban Outfitters // Floral Mug - Cath Kidston //  Poms Phone Case - Oh Deer // Bunny Stapler - Urban Outfitters // Genius Pen - Urban Outfitters //
It's nearly that time again, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and soon it will be time to pack your rucksack and head back to school/uni. One of the few things that used to make this bearable for me was the excuse to treat myself to a whole new set of gear to make learning fun for the year ahead. Whether you're going to school, university or carrying on with the daily grind of the workplace - September can be a great time to make a fresh start. And what better place to begin that your pencil case.

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Staying at the Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth

View of Bournemouth seafront, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent this weekend away first in Devon then to extend our weekend I booked a nights stay for Ryan and I in Bournemouth on the way home. I love the idea of boutique hotels because they are so unique, and you really feel like you have had a special, individual experience. I came across the Cottonwood Boutique Hotel when browsing Expedia and paid £69 for one night in a double room. For a hotel on the seafront it was a great price, so I arrived wondering what the catch was but I feel happy to say I couldn't find one.
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OOTD - leather and gold

Metallic gold topshop vest top, H&M leather panel leggings, primark white cardigan basic, michael kors watch, tattoo choker, new look platform sandals, outfit
Tattoo Choker - eBay //  Metallic Vest Top - Topshop (similar here)  // Leather Panelled Leggings - H&M (similar here) // Cardigan - Primark // Clutch bag - New Look // Chunky Sandals - New Look (similar) // Watch - Michael Kors // 
I have been very quiet over here and on the tweet tweets this weekend for very good reason. I was celebrating the wedding of two of my best friends and took the chance to take a long weekend away with Ryan first in Devon then Bournemouth. After the beautiful garden party style wedding, we recuperated on Sunday night at the most amazing hotel in Bournemouth I will tell you more about later. We wanted a low key evening so we decided to go out for a steak dinner in a little independent steak house tucked away from the main town. 
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How to get the best out of Uni (or not)

what to do after a levels. what now, should i go to uni, life help, career advice, education advice,

I wanted to write this post ever since I saw Zoe's 'Is university the right choice for me' post about her experiences there, and with A Level results having come out yesterday I feel like now is a good time to share my thoughts. I'm from the same town as Zoe, and like her I felt so much pressure to take the university route. Even at GCSE level, I felt pressure to go to one of the two colleges available to me because it was such a high standard and I was 'lucky' to have gotten in. I didn't stop to think about which college was actually right for me which immediately set me down the wrong path. Although I got great grades at GCSE, I never really felt like I was properly an academic person,

I felt I could identify more with social and creative learning. So being stuck in a college, completely immersed in a tradition of books, classically 'academic' subjects and ridiculously high grade expectations was completely stressful to me. I started down a road of applying to study media production, but it all got too much for me and I dropped out with 5 months to go to work full time at Gap. My parents were incredibly annoyed, and no one could believe I'd given up with so little to go - ruining my chance at Uni or a career ... Or so I'd thought. It's taken me a long time to get myself pointing in the right direction and I've learnt a lot I wish I'd known back then so I thought I'd share some of that in case it helps any of you.

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L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask

L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask

As my lovely hair extensions are reaching the end of their useful life, it's now the time I do everything I can to get them in the best condition possible. Part of this treatment includes a weekly hair mask. When I needed a new one I immediately headed for my usual John Freida Full Restore which I spoke about in my first ever blog post but unlike the time I started using it, there are now a wealth of choices on the shelf.

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Best and worst dressed at the Teen Choice Awards 2014

Teen Choice Awards 2014, Josh Hutcherson, Surfboard

I love a good awards show, I like to take the chance to live vicariously through my favourite stars and watch them sachay down the red (or in this case blue) carpet in gowns I could only dream of owning. Teen choice is a particular favourite of mine because it tends to have that fun element that occasions like The Oscars and more serious ceremonies miss. The awards are surf boards (!!) so if you want one of those babies you can't take yourself too seriously.

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High street wardrobe essentials that every girl needs

high street wardrobe essentials, basics, staples

After my foray into the world of wardrobe basics it got me to thinking about what items everybody needs in their wardrobe. I don't want to throw around 'capsule' wardrobe because let's face it who wants one of those... BUT I am a firm believer in items you can dress up or down and that can flatter every figure. I've already covered the black skinny jeans and the crisp white shirt but I thought I'd show you what I think are wardrobe staples.
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Urban Decay Brow Box review

Urban Decay Brow Box, Brown Sugar

Urban Decay are a brand that I mention very consistently on this blog and with good reason. Sure their holy Naked trinity are a beauty blogger essential but to me it's much more than that. I love the blend of price and quality and I really think their brand is so unique, young, edgy and fun so when I'm in the market for a new product I always check their offering first.

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5 reasons why Taylor Swift is AMAZING

When it comes to music I'm not afraid to say my tastes aren't too extreme in any direction.Ultimate easy listening for the under 30's. Music that makes it particularly high up my 'play until your mother is begging you to change the song' list tends to have a message I can identify with and there is someone who never fails - Taylor Swift!

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Wardrobe basics and masculine tailoring - outfit of the day

wardrobe staples, crisp white shirt, black skinny jeans, new look, block heeled sandals primark,
Shirt - Moss Bros outlet || Jeans - New Look || Necklace - New Look || Sandals - Primark || Watch - Michael Kors || Other jewellery - Primark

Wardrobe 'basics' or 'staples' are terms you read a lot if you spend a lot of time with fashion magazines. I never really bought into them too much but I decided recently I wanted to experiment with them. Two that pop up everywhere seem to be a tailored white shirt and some good fitting black jeans. 
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Electric blue eyeliner look with Urban Decay

blue liner look, urban decay, electric palette

Hi lovelies, ever since I picked up Urban Decays lovely Electric palette I've been trying to find ways to work it into every day. The most obvious way to do this was with a blue liner look. Now as much as I've always loved a blue liner look, I've never been sure if it really works with my green eyes. I'm still not convinced, and it's hard not to listen to the OCD colour voice inside my head going THAT CLASHES but hey I think it looks pretty good.

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Guilty pleasures, cake and Ed Westwick...

Southsea seafront beach
Home for now!
I've been nominated a few times now for something called a 'Liebster' award - it's kind of like a getting to know you tag for smaller bloggers. I held off doing it myself because the posts could get pretty long winded but when I got another nom yesterday from Claire at Beauty Barmy Bird I thought it was about time I gave it a go. Now this is a slightly reduced post than the usual because I try not to go on, and I have left out the nomination part because every blogger I can think of under 200 followers has already completed it but I did want to answer the questions the lovely Claire has set.

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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation review

Lancome teint idole ultra 24 hr foundation, shade 010

Now usually I don't like to do two of the same types of post in a row, but I've got so many lovely makeup things to share with you soon I thought I better get going. I wasn't originally going to review this as it's been a staple in my makeup collection for a long while since before I got blogging but recently I've found myself recommending to a lot of people (proud moment - Claire from Stylingo took my recommendation and loved it) I thought I'd better practice what I preach.

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

bourjois rouge edition velvet

 In honour of this weeks chat about National Lipstick Day I wanted to talk about a couple of liquid lipsticks that had recently made their way into my collection after much blogger hype.

Now usually I like to take this kind of hysteria with a pinch of salt but I couldn't help feel a little bit excited about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets as I'm absolute sucker for a matte lip. I picked up a couple of shades that I thought were most different to things I already had in my collection - Olé Flamingo and Nude-ist. I was surprised at how smoothly the liquid formula applies and the brush is perfect for the purpose. They are fairly quick drying and feel really soft at first on the lips. Nude-ist is a really buildable colour looking really different after two coats where as Flamingo is a really full coverage. The Flamingo is so fresh and bright but sadly that hasn't shown up on these photos - think FUSCHIA! 

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