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(Centre then Clockwise) Backpack - Paperchase //  Earphone case - Happy Jackson // Storage Box - Happy Jackson //Pug Notebook - Wilkinsons // Banksy Travel mug - Internet gift store // Journal - Paperchase //  Lunch box - Happy Jackson //  Winking Pencilcase - Urban Outfitters // Floral Mug - Cath Kidston //  Poms Phone Case - Oh Deer // Bunny Stapler - Urban Outfitters // Genius Pen - Urban Outfitters //
It's nearly that time again, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and soon it will be time to pack your rucksack and head back to school/uni. One of the few things that used to make this bearable for me was the excuse to treat myself to a whole new set of gear to make learning fun for the year ahead. Whether you're going to school, university or carrying on with the daily grind of the workplace - September can be a great time to make a fresh start. And what better place to begin that your pencil case.

Paperchase is my first port of call for new stationary, I could easily have made this whole wishlist on there. It has some great themes for Autumn and always perfectly detailed and cute. I loved the hand stitched journal because it seems so unique. It's a little pricier than some places but totally worth it.They also have some great satchels which can be great school/work/uni bags. Urban Outfitters isn't somewhere I usually buy clothing because I find their pricing and sizing is not very forgiving, but for things like gifts and stationary they have some great cheeky options. How cute would this bunny stapler look grazing on your desk? Happy Jackson are a brand I discovered in a back street store in London, I love the simplicity of their range. 'YAY lunch' just about sums me up come 12pm every day...

If you're on more of a budget shops like Wilkinsons, B&M and supermarkets do have some great fashion stationary options which can often look as good as their more expensive counterparts. B&M have some fab imitation Cath Kidston stuff in at the moment like this and this. When it comes to Cath you just can't beat her mugs, they are the best shape and size and she always has such a cute range for in the office.

Whats on your wishlist for September? I'd love to know your back to school saviour!

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  1. Haha love the 'Poms not bombs' phone case, that's super cute!


  2. Jemma12:14

    I'm doing all my back to school shopping this week so loved seeing this.
    I have that lunchbox it's so fab :')

  3. I have poms not bombs teeshirt! I love urban outfitters for gift and bits, clothes seem to be made for the tiny though!


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