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I've been nominated a few times now for something called a 'Liebster' award - it's kind of like a getting to know you tag for smaller bloggers. I held off doing it myself because the posts could get pretty long winded but when I got another nom yesterday from Claire at Beauty Barmy Bird I thought it was about time I gave it a go. Now this is a slightly reduced post than the usual because I try not to go on, and I have left out the nomination part because every blogger I can think of under 200 followers has already completed it but I did want to answer the questions the lovely Claire has set.

1. What's your guilty pleasure in life?
Hmm this would be a toss up (because I have so many) between pop music and trash TV. Both incredibly embarrassing but yet completely amazing. I'd probably have to go with the trash 'reality' TV because pop is 'pop' for a reason. Admitting your a junkie for every 'Made in Jersey the only way is Honey Boo Boo' show however comes with a lot more of a red face!

2. If your house was on fire and you could only save one item what would it be and why?

Well presuming any visiting friends/family members were safe it would have to be my computer- sad I know but it's where all my photos, memories, work and pretty much anything important are locked away for safe keeping. Having said that I would have great trouble leaving my makeup collection.

3. What is your dream holiday destination?
Hawaii, it just looks so perfect I can't even say. Just remote enough, tropical, relaxed - PERFECT.

4. Funny story from your childhood?
Hmm my childhood was full of many stories but the funniest thing I can think of was actually when I was a teenager. I was on holiday in Kos and had been out for a boat ride. The boat driver (Right word?!) was a really beautiful greek guy so I was doing my best to look attractive and care free. At the end of the right we had to exit the boat by jumping off the bonnet into the sea. Unfortunately as I jumped the hook of my shorts got caught on the boat and I was left hanging off the front by my shorts. As if that wasn't bad enough, I hung there for a few seconds whilst everyone wet themselves laughing, then my shorts ripped and I fell head first into the sea... Leaving a scrap of my shorts on the front of the boat and me to waddle back to the hotel wearing what was now a very 'distressed' skirt. Sadly this is a true story.

5. What is your fave food?
Oh my god as a resident fatty I love this topic but ultimate weakness has got to be a good cake. I had an amazing one at a pub near my work recently that was a triple layered TWIX cake. Wow.

6. One product you could not live without?
That's hard to say as I've got quite attached to a lot of things recently. I'm guessing this means beauty product, in which case I'm going to say a good red lipstick. It just instantly makes me feel more sassy!

7. Are you a bath or a shower kind of person?
Both! I love a bath when I have time/hot water but showers are more useful!

8. If you could buy one designer item what would it be?
Without a doubt a pair of Louboutin heels, they're so gorgeous. I would literally sell my own Kidney for some (maybe).

9. Favorite perfume or scent?
I love perfume in general - especially really heavy musky ones. My favourite at the moment is Lancome La Vie Est Belle, but I also love YSL, Givenchy Very Irresistable and Armani Code. OH and J'adore by Dior. Expensive taste oops.

10. Who is your ideal celeb boyfriend/girlfriend?
Hmm, this would be a mix of Ed Westwick, DannyMcfly and Olly Murs. Love Olly is an Essex boy you can take home to mum. I love Danny's cheekiness and talent and I love Ed because he's so gorgeous and brooding and dresses to perfection. I can think Kristy and Becca for restarting my love for him!

11. Worst film you’ve ever seen?
Oh god that would be a hard one as I'm quite hard to please with films. Probably Rambo because in addition to it being completely gross and brutal it literally had no story. Give me a rom com any day.

So that was it! Like I said I'm not going to tag anyone, but if anybody feels like answering Claire's questions leave me a link I'd love to see it. I also want to say hello and thank you to all the lovely bloggers I've met since I've started doing this - it's such a fun world to be a part of!

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