High street wardrobe essentials that every girl needs

high street wardrobe essentials, basics, staples

After my foray into the world of wardrobe basics it got me to thinking about what items everybody needs in their wardrobe. I don't want to throw around 'capsule' wardrobe because let's face it who wants one of those... BUT I am a firm believer in items you can dress up or down and that can flatter every figure. I've already covered the black skinny jeans and the crisp white shirt but I thought I'd show you what I think are wardrobe staples.

high street wardrobe basics staples essentials, dresses, shorts, shirts, jeans, jumpsuit

So the first thing is an update of the classic LBD - the LBJ! Black jumpsuits have just become such a classic in the last few years and I think they are something everyone needs. "But jumpsuits don't suit my shape" STOP RIGHT THERE, you just haven't found the right fit. Because I have weird proportions and am bigger round the middle I have gone for a nice stretchy strappy one with extendable straps. There are also great wide/skinny legged options or sleeve no sleeve so NO EXCUSES.

Two other clothing items I think need to make the cut are a great pair of denim shorts, ever since I saw this post by Anna I have been desperate for the Topshop Hallie shorts, but because of the aforementioned weird proportions I need the 'Tall' version but sadly I can't find them, or any I like as much anywhere. There are some great independent people selling  fantastic custom shorts on Etsy but they can be quite pricey as most are shipped from America, but watch this space I WILL complete my wardrobe. I also think every girl needs a dress that makes them feel like the babe they are. I used to have a really amazing clingy one from Jane Norman that was my go to whenever I was feeling none too confident but now it's probably the one I've used in the photo from Boohoo. It accentuates my assets and skims over my tum and covers my arms - WIN. I think it's so important to feel special in what you where and when you find a dress that makes you get that warm fuzzy feeling - hold on tight.

high street wardrobe basics staples essentials,jackets, coats, mac, trench coat, warehouse, leather jacket, blazer, forever 21

Coats or jackets I think can completely make an outfit which is why I have put so many of them in this. First is a really nice fancy coat, I think a mac is a great choice because it's so classic, suits every shape. A Duster coat is also a great option - I think pink is going to be HUGE again this winter. What I have it a sort of cross between a pea coat and a mac in a pinky purple tweed - I can't wait to show you when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Other jacket essentials are a great leather biker jacket and a lovely blazer - they both suit absolutely everyone and are so versatile. For curvier girls like myself I'd recommend the looser boyfriend styles.
high street wardrobe basics staples essentials,accessories, new look, river island, black boots, sandals, statement necklace
Lastly it's accessories. Potentially to go with your 'Sexy and I know it' dress are some great heeled sandals. They don't have to be high, I personally feel the chunky heel like the ones above are the simplest way to go but these shoes will never date and they make every thing look a bit classier. I am currently wearing a white Primark pair to death but I want some in black too! A great pair of black boots are essential for winter, because they're so classy and go with everything. Knee high are probably the most eternally stylist but personally I prefer thigh high flats - mine are on their last legs but I will be searching for a replacement this AW. I also have some black heeled chelseas I LOVE. Lastly jewellery wise it has to be a statement necklace. I tend to go for really chunky gold stuff like the chain above but if this were a high end post I'd say my silver Tiffany's necklace that I got for my 21st - I call it statement because it's so chunky and 'me' and can really dress up whatever I'm wearing.  If we were talking high end I'd also add an oversized watch. As you may have noticed I haven't been without my rose gold Michael since I got it for Christmas but Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan also do some gorgeous styles if you want something a bit different.

A bit of a long post today but there we have it - what I'm calling the ultimate wardrobe essentials/basics/staples that every woman needs to own in some way shape or form. As I collect these pieces I'm going to be doing a '3 ways to wear' for each one to show you how versatile they are... So make sure you check back here I'll keep all the links together as they go up. Do you think I've missed anything? Let me know in the comments.



  1. Good work Nicola! I need to invest in a good leather jacket this year!

  2. Loved this post Nicola! Definitely given me some food for thought as I fall into the camp of "but they don't suit me" for jumpsuits. I have also been lusting over Anna's denim shorts, please let me know if you source a similar pair!

    I'd love your help by letting me know your favourite dress in my most recent post - check it out here.

    Sarah xxx

  3. Nicola Simmons11:44

    Thanks Sarah! Trust me, there's one out there for you.

    I'll take a look :) x

  4. Nicola Simmons11:44

    I got one this winter from Miss Selfridge - it's the best!!x


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