Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation review

Lancome teint idole ultra 24 hr foundation, shade 010

Now usually I don't like to do two of the same types of post in a row, but I've got so many lovely makeup things to share with you soon I thought I better get going. I wasn't originally going to review this as it's been a staple in my makeup collection for a long while since before I got blogging but recently I've found myself recommending to a lot of people (proud moment - Claire from Stylingo took my recommendation and loved it) I thought I'd better practice what I preach.

When looking for a foundation I always go for something as full in coverage as I can get. As a freckle haver and frecker HATER I just want to smooth those babies over and make like they aren't there. Having been fascinated with Lancome as a brand forever I went straight to their counter and the lovely lady pointed me to this. Even just to hold and look it the glass bottle exudes luxury and although that makes it not the most practical it looks beautiful on my dresser. It is just a dream to work with, and blends so easily. I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and it goes on perfectly in no time.

It smells amazing (which actually is harder to come by, the more high end foundations I try), it has a lovely matte finish and it's a much fuller 'doll like' coverage than anything else I've tried. The best part is that it's great for dry skin without being greasy. Now, whilst it doesn't quite last the '24h' promised I think it can be forgiven because it definitely has staying power of the working day which is absolutely fine by me.

I'd usually go for 1-2 pumps to cover my whole face, although I've used 3 to fully demonstrate it in the photo below. My only thought now is that I wished I'd gone for a warmer shade, as 010 which I'm wearing here is great in winter but if I'm ever sporting a tan or going for the bronzed look it's a little pale. The only thing I can fault with it is that it isn't SPF free so it does get a bit of that flashback in photos - not as much as many though. At £31.50 yes it's pretty pricey but that makes me so much more careful with it and you can get a great look with so little it's definitely worth it. Also it comes with a pump unlike NARS or MAC so you have essentially saved yourself that right?

Have you tried this foundation? Whats your favourite high end offering? Let me know in the comments!

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Until next time!

Before and after, Lancome teint idole ultra 24 hr foundation, shade 010



  1. Claire Cavanagh20:34

    I owe you so much for recommending this to me, my makeup's never looked better :) xx

  2. Nicola Simmons09:39

    You're welcome, so glad to have helped!! XX


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