L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask

L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask

As my lovely hair extensions are reaching the end of their useful life, it's now the time I do everything I can to get them in the best condition possible. Part of this treatment includes a weekly hair mask. When I needed a new one I immediately headed for my usual John Freida Full Restore which I spoke about in my first ever blog post but unlike the time I started using it, there are now a wealth of choices on the shelf.

After half an hour (seriously!) of umming and ahhing over the different brands and very nearly playing it safe with my usual Aussie 3MM or JFRS I took the plunge and went for L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask. Immediately I was attracted by the 'No Sulphates' and as anyone with hair extensions might know, sulphates and bad bad BAD. There were a couple to choose from with similar goodness but I went for this one because it emphasised being for dry hair but there are also ones for protecting coloured, getting sleek and strong hair. I opened the lid and took a whiff of the 'botanical oils of camelina and apricot' and I knew it was coming home with me.

L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask
Now I have to say I went a bit rogue on this one, they advise you use a walnut sized amount left on for 3-5 minutes but I used more of a tennis ball sized amount because I like to thoroughly coat my hair. I also left it on all evening, brushing through just before I washed out to make sure I got the best effect. After rinsing I went through my usual routine of morrocan oil and blow drying before admiring the final effect. Also bare in mind I slept with my hair in plaits hence the wavy look in the photo.

Honestly I'm not overwhelmed with it. It smells great but other than that I would say it didn't do much more work that an ordinary conditioner. The ends of my hair are literally no different, and the rest is just the same as if I'd used a regular conditioner which considering how long I left it and that I brushed it completely through is a little annoying. For the price I'm not too disappointed because I got it half off at around £3.50 but if I'd paid full price I'd have been pretty annoyed. It didn't really repair my dryness or do anything special so I wouldn't recommend it, but if it's part of a deal and you need a conditioner I've tried worse things. I think this will be going back into a drawer for 'ICE' situations. Back to the drawing board it is...

Can anyone recommend a good hair mask for dry hair? I'm looking to try some more! Until next time...

L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask Results



  1. Nicole Baxter20:51

    My nana rave's about the shampoo and conditioner from this range but I haven't got round to trying it yet xx


  2. Nicola Simmons12:13

    Yeah I didn't find anything wrong with it, I guess I just expected more!! Thanks for reading xx


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